its all about me…

18 Jul

Yes. Well it is isnt it?… while also being about you. I am realizing, (the slow realization) that we are all one. (Should ‘we’ begin a ‘slow realization’ movement-in line with slow food etc).

We have collective knowledge, (if only I could access it!); collective wealth (ditto) and a collective thought pattern. The universal vibration. I wish we would all vibrate to a more postive world view, therefore a more postive literal world (begs questions..what is the literal world etc-hello philosophy student).

My aim is to set my intention to being a kind vibration. I want to form a habit of meditating on this every day. Have I done it yet?…ummm, no. But I have bought a book..Meditation for Dummies. So maybe I need to at first-set my intention for reading the book.

I will blog regarding progress.

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