a new habit is form’n…

21 Jul

I was up this morning at 5am..(mostly because of the snoring happening beside me), however, i thought i would do my meditation. So that is day two!  I sat for a bit longer today-7 minutes- and mostly tried to bring my mind back to empty (breath iiinnn-breath ouuutt..) when I caught myself wandering off the track…Its very easy to let the mind wander onto things other than nothing..

I kept organising my wedding/making breakfast/worrying about the time/having a shower etc  all in my head. I think the goal I have in meditation is to release the business of the mind, to the clear nothingness of the soul. My goal is to see myself as I really am…the big picture. I am as you are as we are…one. I understand oneness but feel I am just at the beginning of the journey.

Inside this new love


Your way begins on the other side.

Become the sky

Take an axe to the prison wall


walk out like

somebody suddenly

born in colour.

Do it now.

You’re covered in a thick cloud.

Slide out the side


and be quiet.

quietness is the surest sign you’ve


Your old life was a frantic running from


The speechless full moon comes out now.

(Rumi, a sufi poem).


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