attempting to ‘practice patience’..

21 Jul

i say ‘attempting’, because my buttons are pushed constantly and my tongue would be black and blue and chewed from the constancy of the biting i have to do in order to outwardly ‘practice patience’. The seven year old is in a phase where she is pretending to be a dog; nay! she is a dog, (in a good way in her child mind). She takes it upon herself to play the part of  the pet we haven’t got.  She continues to bark (press adult button) and whine loudly (press and hold button) and in a penetrating girl voice. She also thumps around the wooden floor board on her hands and knees, (press button ). The noise is excruciating. My tongue is sore. But I think I have outwardly conquered ‘patience’ for this half hour anyway.

I actually succeeded this morn! I was out of bed at 5.30 to begin practicing meditation. Pat me on the back!! I sat in the now quiet house, comfy chair, legs crossed and closed my eyes, (they thought they were still in bed however and kept sleeping). I used mind control and repeated to myself, “breath iiinnnn…and breath oouuutt..etc”. I couldn’t think of anything more useful than that. I managed three minutes and headed to the coffee.


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