My raw food diet (in my head)

5 Aug

Cafe tantrum-throwing princess

Cafe tantrum-throwing princess

Today, (after not meditating this morning, nor getting out of bed at six) I was felt bleak, bloated and miserable. I took Drew for her college interview (we both did well), then she, Paloma and I met Deb and Don at Maranui cafe. I so lurvvee Maranui. It has the best food, vegetarian, or vegan or normal- what ever you want -they have it and most of it is divine. The girls had vegan chocolate cupcakes and I an apple muffin…warm..melting.  As I was eating my muffin (aka ‘cake’) I realised I had forgotten that I was supposed to be eating mostly raw wholesome  food. Hmmm.. I also realised that I was forgoing flour. However, my muffinakacake, tasted sooo good, and I was sooo hungry that I made short work of it.  “O’ Noooo! I wasn’t meant to eat that”, I exclaimed to no-one in particular.  I licked my fingers with what I hoped was a shocked and disappointed-in-myself look on my face. 

Paloma threw a huge-jumping-up-and-down-screaming-yelling tantrum not too long after my personal muffin incident. She had been gleefully riding the ‘camel’ when a younger child came up with its mother, clearly wanting a turn. And rightly so. I attempted to reason with my three year old re. the benefits of ‘sharing’. Her ‘no’ simply turning louder. I pulled her off camel and the tantrum began in earnest. I was hiding my smile, (these small things just amuse me- after five children) and eventually bribed Drew (with cash) to take the screaming child for a walk on the beach so I could finish my coffee and chat with D & D.

Deb and Don bought me a book called ‘How to do just about everything to Succeed’. They saw it and thought of me. I could take that a few different ways. For example, do I do a lot but not very well? Do I talk about doing things but don’t do anything? Do I need lots of help? Am I not successful at anything? etc. Funnily enough, I know  its a good book because I subscribe on line to their ‘eHow’ posts. I kissed Deb and Don thanking them. My sister does know me.

Upon leaving, I found the girls running barefoot along the beach. The toddler was much happier and the twelve year old demanded her cash.

My raw food diet continued on during the day with the left over rice from the previous night, umm…not raw although I did add raw red onion, mescalin and diced red capsicum.  Later on I devoured some Essene bread(the slightly baked version I had unwittingly bought). I finished the eating day off with a dinner of fresh raw mescalin, tomato, parsley and chickpeas. Today was clearly the most successful as regards the percentage of raw food. I felt better and even went for a run. My body seemed to hold more energy and I put this down to the light fresh dinner.


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