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17 Aug

We decided to have a few friends over for a potluck dinner on Friday evening. As is my habit, I cant just happily invite one or two families-nearly everybody I come into contact with the days previous to the ‘quiet’ dinner, I say nonchalantly, ” oh! We are having people over for dinner! you must come!… No! you WILL come!!”. Anyhow, into our humble abode arrived about forty bodies, nearly half being of the young child sort – the two oldest were 13 and 12, then a scattering of 10 year olds, a few nine year olds, a couple of six and sevens and the rest were four years old and under.

Our friends bought over pots of wonderful food, lasagna, baby salmon quiche, a pot of cauliflower curryish stuff, (I’m not sure of its ‘name’-tasted yum!),  a lovely pear and soft cheese- green salad and a table full of so much more that I cannot remember! My sister who cooks for an organic grocer shop created a sensuous bean soup. Yes! sensuous beans. (You would have to see and taste it to become a believer.) Deane and I were joking that in the future, we should organise our potlucks, to be held on a Sunday evening. It would set us up for the following week!

I baked a beautiful foccacia bread, two trays full, that I pulled out of the oven as everyone was piling their plates up. (It was a recipe from my ‘Dough’ book- Richard Bertinet). I also served a slow-cooked lentil stew and of course a huge salad of grated carrot, beet, zuccini etc.

I ate the divine soup (thanks Deb) and lots of salad- however, when a friend pulled out a poppy seed cake decorated in small daisys from her garden, I just had to have some. The cake was perfect and worth the tiny piece of guilt I felt at eating  a cooked flour product. (The following day, I was unacountably tired and I put it down to the flour…)

It was a fun evening. I love having (seemingly) too many people in a small space, an abundance of food, good music, lots of talking and laughing, and noisy children. Even the fact of it being a cold wet winter night (thus we all stayed inside), does not deter me from repeating the experience. Maybe on a Sunday. haha.


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