running the sanctuary.

24 Aug

Running around the Karori sanctuary in the falling darkness was a tad stress full! It was Friday and I had organised the babysitter for four pm. She arrived but I had to sort the kids out a bit, they were arguing about who was going to get the fish and chips…(health plus…not!). Deane was down at the Ngaparata so he was a bit late also. The upshot was we did not begin the run till 4.30 ish. It was a very still evening. Fat raindrops had just started to fall -a nonchalant sort of rain, holding no threat of downpour. I was feeling quite good after the usual first ten minutes my body takes to get into it. It took me a while to realize that the dusky light meant that we didn’t have too long before we would be stumbling over cliffs. My imagination had us being airlifted out of the pitch black by men in search and rescue uniform. (I love a man in uniform.) There are no lights around the sanctuary, of course. It being the safe haven of natives, kiwi, Tui and the like. They prefer the dark. Anyhow, I ran faster and actually enjoyed it (apart for the fear). Running  the zig zag track through the bush I could not see my feet and had to focus on the fading parts I could see. We made it out just on time of course. I sometimes enjoy the excitement of the ‘just-in-the-nick-of-timeness’.


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