No excuse, Kale juice

27 Aug

Yesterday after reading a book on the ‘how to of raw food’, I drank the juice of kale, spinach, apple and carrot. It was a dark dusky green, but tasted good. Apparently I must eat and drink more green veg, fruit is good, but vegetables are better.  Kale seems to be an important veg. (I remember gagging on it as a child, it was given to me boiled with a side of fried liver. I was a pretty healthy kid however.)

I went for a run at night fall -my first since our Saturday run around the sanctuary.  It felt hard starting again after a three day ‘rest’. I didn’t run on Sunday because, (here’s the useless excuse…)  Harry and I went to the market at 7.30ish and we didn’t get home till 9.30 and then-it-was-too-late. Deane went down to the Ngaparata and I took the kids to a three year old birthday party. We didn’t get back till 5.30. Then I was ‘too tired.                                        So I watched T.V.   

And  here is the run down about my ‘not running three days’excuses:   Monday I took Paloma to creche and I went to the gym. I did 15 Min’s on the bike to warm up then a weights session. I went and had a  solitary coffee, (Dixon street Deli made yet another overpriced coffee, no crema, spilt over the saucer and over heated. I wont go there again…). After Paloma and I returned home, she had lunch and I took her to kindy. Here is where I could have gone for a run. But I didn’t.  And I didn’t that night either. Tuesday was pretty much the same.

The point is that I made a conscious decision to not go for a run. I had ample opportunity however apathy won. We can all give all sorts of excuses about how ‘busy/tired/stressed/don’t-feel-like-it etc we are, but we can all spare 30 minutes a day to run or whatever gets us going exercise wise. It really is not a good feeling starting again after a three day ‘break’. (Note to self: I must run every day.)  So, my run was pretty ho-hum in a slightly soul destroying way, I was out for 40 minutes. I stretched once I was home then had two big spirilina smoothies made with organic pear juice, organic bananas and spirilina. I hadnt had a dinner so the spirilina was a good way to fill the gap.

I have been making our wedding invitations. It took me about two hours to create 16 of them. They look pretty funky-if I had a camera in working order I could show you! Alas!


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