First carrot pride and Peanut butter

5 Sep

Yes! Here lies the first carrot, proudly pulled from my garden, paraded to the family, washed and eaten by me. It was sweet! Many more to come….(I placed it near the garlic and lemon for size reference.)

The wedding (of the year) seems to be overtaking my life at the moment. As much as I didn’t want it to-it is.  And that is my excuse for not blogging for a week.

Two days ago, after dropping three year old at kindergarten, I proceeded to Maranui cafe planning on quiet time and caffeine hit. I arrived to a high volume, many peopled space. I asked for a mixture of the two salads that were left, a spelt pasta, and a soba pasta. (Yes both were cooked, organic, and  healthy although coated in very oily  dressings.) They boxed the salad for me, (large box-plastic fork,) and I headed out of the cafe- back to my car. I was comfortable, and thinking how lucky I was, at that particular moment – no kids, nice food, warm car, good mag to read, sound of the sea, and a view of the sea. I also thought how strange it was that an organic salad would be viewed as a ‘pig out’ by me.  Anyhoo, was yummy and I felt like a waddling fat pig for the rest of the day. 

I have been for three runs only this past week. Last night was quite a nice 45 minute run in the dark rain. I felt quite light and energetic and I put this down to a nearly consistent running week, that is, I never gave up…completely.  Also of course, my lighter eating habit helped. I have cut out all animal flesh from my diet including fish (although, when faced with a paua fresh from the ocean… I am pretty sure it will be beaten, and slapped on an oily/buttery hot cast iron pan and cooked…mmmm). The only dairy product I consume is a bit of organic trim milk in my cup of tea. I have swallowed about three litres of beet, carrot, apple, spinach (or kale), garlic juice in the last few days. I am sure it helped me recover from my weight lifting injury in record speed.

The habit I am having trouble with is the dreaded peanut butter habit. Okay, the peanut butter is organic with nothing but salt added. It’s flippin’ delicious mixed with raisins and banana, or dolloped onto celery or eaten straight out of the jar with a spoon. But it has 45 grams of fat per 100grams. I have also read that peanuts are not a product supreme anyway. They are associated with some sort of toxicity. I munch into them when searching for that ‘something’ extra…

I baked fougasse for my family today. It was hot out of the oven when the kids walked in the door from school…good timing again!.  Tonight for tea, Izzy has chosen ‘nachos’. Hmm, nutrientless food but it’s friday. I will throw a big salad or two together and hope for the best-(my attempt at not becoming too neurotic and ridgid regarding the familys diet).

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