ChristChurch, raw food on holiday..

15 Sep

The rain pelted down on the dock where we waited…and waited…and waited. A person in safety glo protection gear strolled down the line of cars, vans, campervans letting us know that there was a technical problem with the ship and that it wouldnt be much longer to wait. We watched black smoke blast out of one of the ships funnels intermittantly for two hours. The kids got bored thus hungry and ate the ‘boat trip’ sandwhiches. Another safety glo stroller arrived at our window and told us we would be boarding in 2minutes.

Arriving on the boat we claimed a space, i.e I slumped in a hard chair and the kids threw their things over other seats and they dispersed into the nooks and crannys of the ship. Deane found the cafe and came back with sweet tea, chips for the kids and sushi for me. The sushi was a bit dry and tasteless but I was really hungry. The kids smelt the chips from a distance and they arrived back in quick time to eat, ask for more food, ask for money and leave again.

Throughout the three hour trip the kids asked for money about 200 times between them. Even the three year old was in on  it.

Off the boat and driving on through to Nelson, where we arrived in rain at about 10.30pm. Nelson is a small village and the only food place open was a drive through Mac’s. So much to the kids delight we did a drive through and they all recieved the shitfood and ate in the car with much discussion and excitement. Why are there not  easy access, fast healthy food outlets! I was pretty hungry again having not eaten since three in the afternoon but we were staying at my sisters and I was prepd to raid her fruit bowl.  Finding her house, we tromped through the mud they call a driveway. Indoor, I headed to  the fruit bowl and ate three banana’s. She heated me up a ‘vegetarian’ lasagna. It was  pretty yummy but full of cheese and white pasta. I was hungry so I ate. I am trying not to become too neurotic about food, it depletes the pleasure of it all somewhat.

Justine and I went for a quick run the following morning. A lovely run around the bay, a bit like my usual wellington ‘around the bays’ run, but smaller scale. I felt a bit slow and heavy-I blamed lasagna. It was my fourth run for the week-a good week for me at this phase…

We continued on from Nelson down to ChristChurch. Driving the Lewis pass was pretty scary and rather beautiful. I stopped to let the kids play in the sparse snow.

snow for the first time

snow for the first timeOne Lewis pass and stress headache later, much later, we arrived into Christchurch metropolis. The feeling of open space in the town was lovely, vastly different to Wellington...but still no god-damn where to eat! In our holiday house I grated up a carrot in an attempt to build a salad but did not have the ingredients to make it the end I downed a packet of salted cashews. (Not good.) My nutritional week went downhill from about there. Deane was away most of the three days on his new boat-(building or fixing bollocks in process...) so it was me and the kids. I drove them to Orana park, and walked for three hours with them following the feeding of the animals, lions, wild African dogs, giraffes, rainbow trout etc. Yes the kids were absolutely buzzing. I was hungry. I imagined the rainbow trout sizzling on a hot plate, maldon sea salt, pepper and lemon on hand. I salivated reminding myself that I was a vegan raw foodist. When we found a supermarket after the park, I bought raw almonds and dried apple and ate too many. Later on we all went to a wonderful Thai restaurant. It was a sort of scruffy place, the proprietors seemed over eager to have us all-(not everyone is 'eager' for a troop of noisy kids). We had walked there from our holiday house, about 25 minutes through and around Hagley park-Deane tried to find his wallet and realised he had forgotten it. The Proprietor offered to drive him back to get it. Wow! Anyhow, the food was fantastic. It was cooked but felt really light and clean. The night after, (following a day of entertaining my children, up the gondola, sightseeing), we went to a very polished Indian restaurant and had another wonderful meal. I ate far too much, such small bowls of tasty tidbits...I, once again, started out too hungry to eat s.l.o.w.l.y. belch.So, all in all, I only managed one run, and I ate badly. One night we met friends who had not long been in ChCh. They made us pizza, which I ate. It was wonderful, blue cheese, melted cheese. You get the general idea. I think I probably managed to down nearly one bottle of red wine, while eateing salt and vinegar chips too. (Hmmmmm....if you're gonna fall, do it well I say!)On our last ChCh morning, we trooped into the Christchurch city art gallery. It is a surprisingly good gallery - compact enough to get around the lot. The kids were happily engaged in the ' I see red' interactive exhibt, while I ran around being impressed by the collection the gallery shows.Back in Wellington and I made a huge carrot, apple, celery, garlic, beet juice and guzzled the lot. Ive been on one run, stretched - did a weights workout and inhaled copius amounts of spirilina.Heres to health. *chink!*Paloma in Christchurch gallery walkway.


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