Run the head junk out

26 Sep

I have a run, a meditation, a fruit salad, water and two coffees under my belt and its 8.20am. Saturday morning and there is no childrens sport to stand freezing on the sidelines at.  The three year old is still sleeping, so life is relatively peaceful. I am listening to the Marie Antionette soundtrack on my ipod. I have found this  a sufficient way to access peace in a small house full of children. Thats if they dont come up and poke me and attempt to yell through my headphones.

Deb found a great book for me regarding raw food. ‘Tis called, The Raw Food Gourmet..(by Gabrielle Chavez). Reading through it I am realizing the need to invest in a food dehydrator. I think raw fooding require’s time and planning. Obviously it is not a mainstream way to eat, so pre-planning is needed on going out, or, as I found recently, on holidaying.  The recipes in the book seem a bit complex but I am sure that is a case of practice.

My first run for seven days was this morning. I am planning on another one this evening too. After not being out for seven days it feels like i am beginning again…and again. etc. I just have to (once again) get over myself and run. I spend head junk time on my ‘starting over runs’ telling myself that I’m basically a loser for not running sooner etc. My negative, judgmental head would have me stop, but my will is stronger than that. The mind over body thing. Not so trivial.

I meditated for about fifteen minutes after the run. I did not fall asleep and was able to quietly focus on my breath…in – out -in etc. Maybe for me, meditating after running is good, I’m awake, and my head is relatively clear of head junk (running does that).

WEll! There is only two weeks to go before the wedding. I am telling friends that it is the ‘wedding of the century’. But I feel so disorganised, and too relaxed about it. I am sure one is not meant to feel this relaxed about it all? I will blog in a weeks time and see how I am feeling with a week to go!

laughing kids

laughing kids


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