the raw food wagon…I fell off it (gently)

29 Sep


I love drawing too...

I love drawing too...

6.30 this morning saw me running the streets to the rythm of queens ‘crazy little thing called love’. It was a quick 30 minute run as I am planning to go for another tad longer one tonight. I stretched once home, did downward dogs, soft torso twists and then meditated for ten minutes.  After I juiced organic carrot, apple, garlic and kale. A delicious breakfast or anytime drink, I can just feel the nutrients renewing my cells! I followed the juice with my vice, a shot of dark espresso. I cant let go of the coffee habit. (I will acknowledge my powerlessness over this and let it go). It has been a good beginning for the day. Yesterday, I went to ‘commonsense organics’  where I spent 95 dollars on carrots, apples, kale, six litres of milk, beetroot, seaweed, cashews, and prunes. I also bought, and ate fresh dates. Fresh dates are a wonderful treat for a sweet tooth like moi! They are nearly thirty dollars per kilo, so not an everyday gastronomic experience. I have fallen off the raw food wagon, gently. For example, yesterday after a banana breakfast, with not much raw food in the house, I ate a bowl of reheated red lentils for lunch. I was pretty hungry and I love lentils. (I cook them in tomato and onion with spices, particulary chilli powder, and cumin seed). I followed the lentil lunch with the afore mentioned fresh juice chaser (after the shopping excursion to commonsense organics).  I snacked (secretly , as those with kids have to do) on the dates and a few raw cashews. For dinner I had a ramekin of a cooked tomato and onion sauce that I had made from fresh ingredients for the kids vegan spagetti ‘bolognaise’. I was planning on having another juice after my run but didnt go for a run because I was waiting for a phone call from Rosie after which I would have to pick her up. I did not have the land line number and the mother was not answering her cell. The call did not come till 8.30pm. I got home again by 9pm after which time I did not feel like heading out into gale force winds and rain in the dark. note to self; do not leave it up to kids to decide what time they will be home.  I drank chamomille tea with too much honey, watched junk telly and was in bed by 10.45. 


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