10k run, yellow skin, moet and olives…

4 Oct

flying wild girl

flying wild girl

I was out the door at 8.35 on friday evening determined to go on a more substantial run and so it was at 9.25 I returned after a satisfying 10k run. I havnt done the longer runs for a while and it feels good. I promise myself my next long run will be my 18k circut.

Deane told me I have a slight yellow tinge to my skin. This is due to the amount of carrots I am inhaling either juiced or raw. I cant see it myself…I think I look healthy…maybe with a slight tan..maybe(?). Today we took the kids for a bush walk up the belmont trigg. It was a different experience walking so slowly (at the three year olds pace). Suffice to say, we did not make it up to the trigg, after two hours we were still only half way and the kids were starting to niggle about food. We turned back and had to take turns carrying the smallest person on our shoulders. She was so tired she fell asleep up on Deanes shoulders, her head dreaming on the top of his. Her hair wild about his face.

This morning I woke to the somewhat ‘gentle’ sound of my love breathing through his nose. His nose must have had gravel and sand up it or something – I had to get out of bed and settle on the couch. It was 5am however, so all in all a good sleep. I felt a tad seedy after enjoying a small celebration moet or two last night. Our lovely friends from across the road invited us into their home for a toast to our upcoming marriage. Cold moet, olives, a champagne cocktail or two, laughs and we were home by 11.30p.m. The kids were still up hovering around a computer screen and the nintendo. To bed – soft sleep the household fell within half an hour of our return.

I did not run this morning (as was the plan). Alcohol seems to suck resolve out of me. However, I was able to get Harry and I out of the house and to the market by 8am. We hunted down our fruit and veg, Harry’s prize being his pain-au-raisin, paper bagged and sticky. After we did our sneaky cafe break at Maranui where I enjoyed a soy latte and he a gingerbeer. The day is overcast but not a fluff of wind. Not one fluff!!! I know! ‘Tis hard to imagine wellington with out the fluff!  If I werent feeling so blaaaahhhh, a small run would be perfect…." yawn...don't feel like runnin'.."

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