Raw food juices…my cabbage discovery.

30 Oct

I have my beautiful Oscar juicer set up permanently on the concrete bench. 

beautiful oscar

beautiful oscar

I read that, raw cabbage is an anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic, and  is a good blood tonic (for people with iron deficiency) and of course cabbage is loaded with vitamin c (and other stuff).  It all sounded  good so; I made one. I juiced about half a small cabbage to one and a half apples. It was a tad hot but felt and tasted pretty good. I offered Deane a cabbage and apple juice the next night after dinner. He looked at me like I was from another planet, ( a bad, scary planet) but agreed to give it a try. What a chum! ( I guess he decided to ‘take one on the chin’ for the sake of our marriage.) 

I juiced about one apple to half a cabbage and for luck I threw in a clove of organic garlic. We both drank it, he agreed it wasn’t too bad. We went to bed, to sweet sleep and- I woke naturally (i.e no alarm) the next morning at 5.30. I felt alert and wide eyed and…well…pretty damn good.  When Deane awoke he said he felt okay it wasn’t anything special, just a good day maybe. He is a ‘juice sceptic’.

That night I didn’t make juice and Deane ate cooked food, actually being his birthday, he ate mashed potato, good quality sausages, peas, corn, salad with a chaser of a chocolate boat filled with vanilla ice cream! I only had the salad, but also pigged out on mashed potato..(hm-mm..not raw, but so yummy with seeded mustard mashed through it, hold the butter..)

The following morning I wouldn’t/couldn’t motivate myself to get out of bed before 7 in order to run. My man woke up with a swollen sticky eye and stiff face and body. He felt groggy. I told him, (again) my bordering-on-religious beliefs about juice, especially cabbage juice and followed through by making us a juice of  cabbage, apple and carrot. We both felt more energised and world ready after drinking it. So I decided to experiment. Last night we had cabbage and apple juice with a smidgen of beet leaves just before retiring for the night. I woke this morning at 5am, feeling alert and ready for the day. I went for a ten k run and was home making a juice for breakfast before seven. Deane woke feeling much better, no swollen eyes, and only a little bit stiff. So I will continue with ‘my experiment’. I have drawn my Sister and a friend into it and gosh!..maybe I can make a difference to my family and friends health and well being. (Maybe they are all just humouring me, they love me so much…??) So bring on the cabbage! Bring on the neighbours. The big question that you are all wondering is..obviously..DOES CABBAGE JUICE MAKE YOU FART?

Find out for yourself.

2 Responses to “Raw food juices…my cabbage discovery.”

  1. earnestin December 29, 2008 at 4:08 pm #

    Interesting Read! Very detailed blog.
    Thanks for sharing


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