5 Dec

As I tucked Paloma into bed after a long day, I kissed her, sing-song voice in her wee ear,”good night, sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite..” . Immediately, I knew I had said the wrong thing, she knew it too… her sleepy eyes flicked interest..ears pricked up..(inside my head I was exclaiming..fcuk!why did i say it..damn…). Her cute baby voice piped up..” wha..what did you say?”,
“…lots of little fairys in your bed..” I said
“NO you didn’t…you said sumthin bout bugs..what is it mum, what bugs…”
“I didnt say ‘bugs’..”
“Yesss Yooouuuu DID mummy…” she says with sing song confidence
I laughed and tried to explain about the saying, how it does not mean there are bugs in her bed. It took a bit of explaining, as I knew it would.


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