Excuses for being slack, and Garlic.

19 Dec

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I read on http://www.giveittomeraw.com, that garlic is actually not good for me, (or you). The side affects of garlic are headaches (check), nausea (check) and general unwellness. They suggest going with out garlic for three weeks and noticing any improvements. So people, I am three days clean. I have not investigated further as to whether garlic is okay if cooked, or taken in small amounts. The thing is, I was drinking the stuff, at least one or two cloves per day mixed in with my vegetable juices. Watch this space.

How is my tussock training going, you ask? Well, in the last five days I have done one (good )weights workout and one ‘balance class and one run. How is that for pathetic! My excuses being as follows. On Monday, I was 20 minutes late for the gym. I had to return Deane’s trailer to the hire place, which entailed driving it out to Porirua.  Twenty minutes is a lot because it throws my entire two hour exercise schedule out of whack. (Paloma is in creche for two hours). I would usually go for a run after the workout,but I did the weights workout and that takes just over one hour, which left not enough time to go for a run. ( A small note on the weights, I can now hold my ‘plank’ pose for 70 seconds!) No run for me at night either because I went to my music lesson, then straight to Drew’s certificate assembly at school from whence we did not arrive home till 9.45pm.

I did not go for a run on Tuesday evening either as my lack of sleep the night previously put me in bed by 9.30pm!!! I was so gritty-eyed tired, all hope of getting out that door when Deane returns home (average time, 8pm) goes out the door..

Wednesdays excuse goes like this: I put Paloma in creche and did my wonderful Les Mills balanceclass with ‘V’. After the class I trotted off to Cubitta for my last coffee session with the ‘Wednesday girls’.  It is school holidays for the next six weeks, where we wont be able to meet. I did however manage a small 35 minute run at night. Thursdays excuse for being a slacker is as follows: I didn’t feel like it.

I know I could have gone running very early on these mornings, i.e 5.30a.m., or very late at night. Family life has been asking for my time what with school assembly’s, a meeting with the school principle (in which I was up from 4am researching school protocol on the net), Christmas shopping, Deane’s boat stuff – i.e I am left with kids while he does boat stuff, and general head junk associated with attempting to keep all seven of us  ‘in order’. I think any Mother out there will know exactly what I mean.




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