Training at ‘the sevens’…

9 Feb

This week I accomplished three runs, and two days of press up sessions. I am attempting to do 100 press ups with a programme this guy  has. I am beginning easily. I only do girly press ups, but am expecting a big increase in upper body strength soon, aye bull dog?!     My runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were mediocre, and under one hour. Deane wanted me to go out for a bike ride with him, but I politely  refused. I am apprehensive about my bike riding. It has been one entire year since I have been on my bike …. but.. errr…I solemnly swear, I will be on it before February has died. Long live February.

Friday was the first day of the ‘sevens‘. And off I ambled, blue faced, blue ostrich feathers, short kilt, black tshirt and lots and lots of safety pins. (Think braveheart.)  We realised, after people kept asking if we were smurfs, that a white cross wouldn’t go astray. The second day, (blue faced with large white cross,)  most people got it and were yelling..”Freedom!” at us, raising a fist into the sky. (A famous braveheart line.)

fox in socks

fox in socks

 We always in unison, returned a scottish “freedom.”

dressed and ready for the first day..

dressed and ready for the first day..

We were photographed  by  people in loin cloths, milk maid outfits and randoms. Amy Whinehouse, (who turned out to be a real Scot) really ‘dug’ us. The Scottish team played to uproar of ‘Freedom‘. After their win, they walked around the perimeter of the field, sort of a ‘meet the people’ gig. We rushed to the front, fought our way through the zoo of  humanity,(who kindly parted to let us through as we were the obvious supporters)  and, bending over the rails…(think desperate housewife) I reached down and held their sweet young hands in my gnarled sweaty ones and screamed ‘SCOTLAAANNNNDDDD’  at them….ahem…how old am I again?  They took photo’s of us too. I realise that this is not much of a record of my ..ahem…’training’, but  a girl’s gotta have some fun. Till next time my dear, avid, intelligent readers…the-sevens-09-180


3 Responses to “Training at ‘the sevens’…”

  1. Becs February 9, 2009 at 8:28 pm #

    Looks like you had fun! Was certainly great weather 🙂

  2. catherinedrew February 10, 2009 at 4:50 am #

    It was hot, i guess that gave some of the ‘young things’ to dress…well….in nothing much at all….

  3. ange February 11, 2009 at 5:04 pm #

    I love it – now that’s my kind of training !

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