Run Catherine, Run

17 Feb

I have done two weights sessions this week, and one balance class. It felt good being back at Les Mills after seven weeks. I went for a run one night at 10.30pm -feeling very ambivalent, until Deane returned home…ummm..from the pub…. and told me how calm it was outside. All he had to say was, “why don’t you go for a run?” and I was off.  Usually, if he suggests I go for a run, something in my head kicks in, and I flatlyrefuse..y’know, like..’you cant tell me what to do! It was a pleasant run although I ran a tad fast. The joy of being out.

I had a gorgeous run around the perimeter fence of Karori sanctuary on Friday. There was a heavy layer of fog which we ran through for a few kilometers. The run dips down quite sharply, and up just as sharply of course, so we were in and out of cloud for a tad. Running the sanctuary with NO  wind, NO  sun…is truly a blessing. Deane didn’t enjoy it half as much as I…it was clearly a good day for moi.I hope this Sunday is just as good for me, as I am running the Mt Lowry….ahem…I am just as NOT ready for it as always.

I know there is not much multi sport training going on in my life. But I have a bike. And I have a very cool orca ‘batman’ wetsuit. Thus; I am a triathlete…even if it is just in my head.  Now that Paloma is in morning kindergarten, time has freed up to a certain degree. I can now do things like swim, bike, run for a few hours some of the mornings. Watch this space folks.


3 Responses to “Run Catherine, Run”

  1. Becs February 20, 2009 at 9:16 pm #

    The Karori sanctuary fenceline must be a pretty tough run??!!! I have biked it a couple of times (when I was a lot less fit than I am now), and it was pretty tough at times….lots of ups and downs, good on you! I was running up along the Skyline walkway the other day in the cloud….that was pretty awesome!

  2. catherinedrew February 21, 2009 at 7:12 am #

    it is a tough run…there is a race called the’s on march the first whcih is around the sanctuary..three of my kids do the kid version of it..3k..which means i cant do it (boohoo) cos Im supporting them…why dont u give it a try…pretty much a mud bath at the mo at times…

  3. Becs February 22, 2009 at 8:35 am #

    Being just a week out from Ironman, and my running dodgy as it is, I don’t think the gutbuster is a goer for me, yet again! Last year I wanted to do it, but hadn’t been running, so didn’t do it then either! Maybe 2010 will be the year for the gutbuster and me…..and maybe I will get to run the dam track in practice later in the year once my legs are strong enough 🙂

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