Food and supplements…

19 Mar

miso, shitake, sesame oil broth....yum

miso, shitake, sesame oil broth....yum

I am into my third week of conditioning to train for a marathon. (Thanks to Mr Lydiard. )I have been running as per the schedule most days, and keeping up my strength training twice per week. The thing that sucks a bit, is my nutrition. I am taking my supplements, a soy protein supplement, iron, mega B’s, B12, and calcium, but I need to eat more raw food, and less of the cooked. My energy levels are good, they improved dramatically after I saw the ‘herbal guy’ and I began supplements. But I could do better. For example, yesterday for breakfast I ate raw oats with a sprinkling of dried fruit/nuts and a slosh of soy milk. (tick…that’s all good). I went to the gym, did a balance/stretch class, did ‘other’ stuff, picked up Paloma from Kindergarten. We were home by 12. I had a ramekin of almonds, pine nuts, pistachios with chopped up banana and manuka honey for lunch. Yes! very yummy but not a good lunch. I should have had a grated salad with a sprinkling of nuts, or a vegan wrap…or a miso soup (Paloma had toast and peanut butter). I ate a pear during the afternoon. The kids music teacher came over with her three year old,and while the three year olds were running amok, I had a herbal tea with a litre of honey..(okay..not quite a litre). I snacked on a few pine nuts,  in between being the taxi for a couple of the kids, running up and down the stairs, and making dinner. Dinner was baked potato and kumara, and to stuff said potato and kumara was coleslaw, corn, marinated tofu, and baked bean’s. This was okay, it had all the food groups and the best thing-it was easy to prepare and all of the kids ate it. I followed this up a couple of hours after with a short run. The run was my first rainy run for the season. I luurve running in the rain,and it’s even better when it’s dark! I need to eat less nuts/honey (yummy) and more vege and carbs and probable more protein.


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  1. wonker March 19, 2009 at 1:59 pm #

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

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