gram lost….gram regained…

28 May

I think I put back that gram I had lost last post. I’m pretty sure the whole thing just slapped it’s wee self back on my upper inner thigh. Bless it’s wee gram heart.
Anyhoo…I nearly stuck to my goal of actually completing an entire training week!(gasp!). But…err, did not quite make it..did every thing but the 20k…the most important run at this stage of training of course. This is the build up phase, where I am building endurance by way of my long runs which happen once per week. My reason/poor excuse is: Mr Drew flew to Sydney for the weekend there fore I did not have childcare for the two plus hours it would take me. I realise that is a poor excuse as I could have been out the door at 5am and returned before anyone was out of bed. But my other excuse is that on that particular long run day, I had a wee bit of a birthday hangover. I did get out of bed about 6am, but that was only to grab some panadol.(happy birthday to me….)
The day after said hangover, I had a session with Mr Dave-the-trainer. He added a bit more to my strength workout. The one I find challenging…(okay..I cant manage it….yet) is that plank combo. This entails, 20secs of plank-straight into 3 manpushups,followed ‘smoothly’ by a side crunch followed by holding plank to make up a full 90secs all up. I have been managing 3 sets of those just fine thankyou but then Dave says, okay now I want you to do it all with your arms on a stability ball..ya know a big puffy bouncy rolly ball. Which is fine, its just that I find it extremely difficult to snap from arm-bent ball plank to arm straight press ups. I dont seem to have the strength or arm fast twitch fibres to force my arms from forearms to hands.
I’ll keep ya posted. Arms are still sore from my efforts of Monday. I am doing my ‘easy’ week this week. I just have a 20k slow to do tomorrow. Dave is amping my next four weeks up…I love, just love winter training.


5 Responses to “gram lost….gram regained…”

  1. Willie May 30, 2009 at 3:13 pm #

    Sorry you missed your 20K run but you’ve got time to make it. Birthday’s are so much more important and I’m happy to hear you celebrated yours in what sounds like a wonderful way.

    Those trainers just are never happy are they? You finally get a good thing going and then they make it harder. Evil, evil trainers.

  2. catherinedrew May 31, 2009 at 9:14 am #

    yes! I got my 20k run in..out the door at 5.15 on a wonderfully still morning…thankyou.

  3. Pip May 31, 2009 at 8:31 pm #

    Hey Catherine
    Dave mentioned you when I saw him earlier in the week! That man’s workouts are insane. Having said that, I’m supposedly in an ‘easy’ phase at the moment, but I’m combining it with LBN so I still feel like I’m getting my butt kicked! I wouldn’t feel bad about missing your run. I was supposed to run with a friend round Karori/Makara today but neither of us liked the idea of running through snow flurries and Southerly gales. We’re hoping conditions will have improved enough by tomorrow afternoon to fit a long run in then …

  4. Pip May 31, 2009 at 8:32 pm #

    Oops – just read that you got it done after all!

  5. catherinedrew June 1, 2009 at 1:43 pm #

    dont you love the snow flurries in WELLINGTon!!!..i actually do love it, the hail, sleet…but didnt run in it either…Karori/ wonderfully exposed!!!..a good case for hypothermia…

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