my new training programme has arrived…

2 Jun

should've been running...grumpybum

should've been running...grumpybum

Okay, so after last week, which was in fact my rest week, thank god, I am ready for the ass-whip of this new programme….errrr, except I missed the first day of it because it was cold, queens birthday and I had 9 kids all told, the morning I should have been running eight k. I’m just full of shitereasons why I did not do stuff. I did manage to do my 20k run, the one I thought I had missed last week. I squeezed it in on Friday morning at 5am. Deane ran nearly 8 k with me then decided to short cut home. It was the morning of Rosies tenth birthday and she was chompin’ to open her present. She had phoned us at about 5.45am while we were running, asking to open it. (very polite). We told her to wait, so we, her parents could share in the joy.
I arrived home 2 and ahalf hours later, to her squealing and looking so pleased to see me. I felt loved, until she she exclaimed, ‘at last! I can open the present”. Deane had made her wait till my return.
No body usually notices me limping through the door.
I am booked in to run 45k for this week. I’m planning on doing the ‘yesterdays 8’ today, followed by one hour on my indoor trainer. Gotta start biking. Thats the plan for today. Im telling you, my dear avid millions and billions of readers, so I will be bound to upholding it.
love ya.

2 Responses to “my new training programme has arrived…”

  1. Willie June 2, 2009 at 11:13 pm #

    And we will hold you to it. Great job getting that 20K in! That’s dedication, sorry nobody noticed but HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSIE!!! 10 years old, what a great age.

  2. catherinedrew June 3, 2009 at 8:05 am #

    thanks…i did it!! errr…cept for the one hour wind trainer thing…but i did 8.5ks….cold clear windless night..windless is very unusual for Wellington…love no wind…deane was so excited about the ‘no wind’ clear night factor, that even he went for an hours run after my return. He got home about 11.45 pm….whoa!

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