A good week, Roger…

5 Jun

a good day

a good day

Dear Avid reader/s and Mother, My week thus far has been okay. It started off a tad crap,as in, I did not do Mondays work out on Monday, but YES! I did it on Tuesday as promised….we wont speak of the one hour windtrainer session. See…not speaking of it. So Tuesday being an eight k run, Wednesday was a 50 min easy Hill run and by God!, have I got hills to run. I don’t know if ‘easy’ is the describing word for them though. (Thanks Dave.) Anyhoo, Weds wee run was 7k and today I went down to the track in Newtown…(I sound like such a pro..yeah…I just went down to the track for a bit of a sess….) and did as prescribed by personal trainer guru,’3x400m at 80% with 3 min rest in between. I warmed up with three times around the track, cooled down with two time around the track and my three min rests were slow jogs around the track. I like track work, I am going to get a key from the council for easy access. Dave said the park is hardly ever locked so Deane and I just rocked up after dropping the kindy kids off, and sure enough it was locked up tighter than my glutes. haha. We had to bribe the physio to let us in through his office.
My plan for tomorow is to do a 2 hour easy bike at 5 am, followed immediately by a 15 min run. And Sunday at 5.30am (yep, going to sleep in on Sunday), I have an ‘easy’ 20k run. Once again lovely millions and billions of readers (avid of course) I am telling you this so I will not shame myself.


3 Responses to “A good week, Roger…”

  1. Willie June 6, 2009 at 10:42 am #

    great job on the speedwork. Can’t wait to hear about the 20 K run. Love that you speak in kilometers instead of miles! So cool

  2. ange June 8, 2009 at 5:05 pm #

    Well done Catherine – baby steps……..

  3. Rachel Harris June 10, 2009 at 11:46 am #

    Ha ha… “locked up tighter than your glutes”… ha ha! Ahhh, love your work!

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