life happens despite my training plan…..

16 Jun

Last week went well, I ran 25k over the sessions from Monday to Friday. I even jumped on the windtrainer which is a biggie for me because I get really bored. And my butt really really hurts. I did it anyway. I moved my way through two sessions of hot yoga. (I heart hot yoga.) So, I thought I was on track for getting it all done…however, my weekend fell apart at the seams and I did not do Saturdays long bike/run brick..and my Sunday long run went out the window. Okay…I could have done it…but I did not. I have to be more organised, I really do. Here is why: Kids sport on Saturday had me driving around from 8.30am and I finally got home at 3. (5 different sports). Yep…I could have gone then, but Mr Drew was away doing the boat thang for the entire weekend. I don’t mind leaving my kids at home for an hour or two but there was an extra kid who also happened to stay the night and then did not go home till 5 the next day. By which time I was totally demoralised…I should make a movie…‘one woman, six kids, two days…..’. It could be a drama.
The moral of the wee story is organise myself better. I could have gone for my long run on Sunday at 5am.
Anyhoo, no use crying over spilt weekends.
Yesterday, Monday, I went for a 15k run while Paloma was at kindy. I ran through the poison of the Mt Vic tunnel and through town, around oriental bay, evans bay, cobham drive, through Mirimar onwards to strathmore, past the airport, back down cobham drive and back around evans bay, up treasure grove and viola!. My training required only a ten k, but this weeks long run is 15k. The plan is to do the 22k I missed last Sunday-this Sunday. I will make this week really tough before my easy week next week, which also happens to have the Wellington half marathon tagged on to the end. Get it?
God! I hate failing..but am trying to get a better attitude…life happens etc.
Hot yoga last night was great. I sweated so much…sounds gross..and I guess it is. We all get so slippery, our mats get slippery…we drip..some people actually gush. Sounds yummy huh?


One Response to “life happens despite my training plan…..”

  1. Willie June 16, 2009 at 12:56 pm #

    Take it easy on yourself, you have a busy life and sometimes running will take a backseat. It will always be there waiting for you when you have time. Your kids will grow up and leave so spending time with them while they’re around is probably the better investment.

    Marathon in New Zealand huh? Sounds interesting…

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