perfect conditions…no excuse, damn-it!…the race report…

29 Jun

before the race..feeling gooooddd...

before the race..feeling gooooddd...

The night before my ‘big day out’, I loaded up on spaghetti and vegan saucy stuff…I had honey in my herbal tea, and ate rice crackers. I felt good and well and truly carb’d. The ‘night’ before the B.D.O, coincided with Drew’s thirteenth birthday. So, I dropped five thirteen year olds at a dessert restaurant where they played at being grown-up. After I had picked them up, (smelling of chocolate)they all stayed the night which of course meant me being woken up with screeching and general carry on…all night. Till I got up at 5. (They finally fell asleep at 6am, I know this because I took delight in going down stairs to the sleeping beauty’s to issue instructions about the morning, the marathon, breakfast etc. They were very tired.)
Anyhoo, I ate toast with banana and honey and two black coffees. I was ready to kick-ass,(ass;being my own..). I wrote my 1.50 splits on my hand…dressed in layers because it was cold, but not freeze-balls-off etc cold. I wore my thermatech leggings, compression socks, (i heart compression socks), my yoga recycled material skort..(looks very cool, oh yeah..feels good too), icebreaker long sleeved t/shirt, and my adidas windbreak jacket. I put jellybeans in my skort key pocket, and some in my mouth. Deane was ready, but he was only doing the 10k, so joked how he may as well wear jeans and boat shoes…(after his ten k was a different story, he realised it was more of a distance than he thought…poor man, finding it hard to walk…). Oh, and to top my fashionista running gear-I wore my kathmandu neck gaiter on my head. It is so warm, toasty and comforting…
We left the nine kids, ( I admit a bit of guilt travelled with me on the race…but mothers do that..) and drove to freyberg beach, parked and walked the 3k to the biscuit tin (westpac trust stadium). The walk was the best thing we could have done, nerves gone, calm head, calm tummy.
As the race was about to begin, I hugged the Mr goodbye/luck and found the blue 1.50 pace balloon…hmmmm, everyone around Mr blue balloon looked like speed machines.
My plan was to do a very slow first K, which I did in 6.10. I ticked that off, feeling good. Blue balloon was with me. Next on hand was 5k in 26mins. I have never done a 26min 5k, but thought I could. But, I hit 5 k at 28mins. This is a 5k record for me…I felt good. I started to feel like I was trying too hard, (as in I would not last) at about 8k. My plan on the hand was to get to 10k at 53.something…and I got there at 55, which is another record for me. (My last 10k time trial took me 59.) By this time I could see the turn around point, runners were snaking to it and back and passing me. The blue balloon passed me, on the return as I had about 700 meters to go to the turn around. I a bit sad….but I was full of hope…I felt I was going to get to the turn point at 58..or close. God damn it! It was the longest 700meters I have ever run, as I rounded the bend, they shouted 60! to me. This was the worst point. My eyes welled up with tears, I was soooooo disapointed with myself…my head went to town with negative thoughts etc. If someone had handed me a gun, I would have shot myself! Hows that for dramatic….
However, because I am a mature grown-up, I pulled myself out of the blackness, and continued on. I was in a suprising amount of discomfort. My mantra was, ” I feel the pain, but it will pass and I will keep running anyway. I feel miserable, but this will pass and I will keep running anyway..etc”. This in fact, helped me immensly and I had a few good moments out there. I returned to the biscuit tin, and Deane yelled and I told him to run the 100 or so meters to the finish with me. Unfortunately, a marathoner had collapsed not far from the finish (poor guy) and Deane stopped to help with him…(he was vomiting into his oxygen mask…). I finished in 2.05.27…gutted! The conditions were perfect….I should have done better. The thing is, I tried very hard, I was focused, I did not wear my ipod because I was determined to focus on the race. I came 1165 out of 1585. I was 452 out of 766 women, and age grouped 87 out of 148. I can only get better?????????


9 Responses to “perfect conditions…no excuse, damn-it!…the race report…”

  1. Rachel Harris June 29, 2009 at 5:01 pm #

    What to say… what to say… Next time it’ll happen for you. 🙂 I’ll tell you one thing – you are the CUTEST looking runner I’ve seen in a long time! (The skort is just plain COOL!)

  2. catherinedrew June 30, 2009 at 5:28 am #

    awww..shucks… will happen for me next time…it will….(she says determindly…lips set in a thin streak….)

  3. Ana-Maria June 30, 2009 at 11:02 am #

    You and I may be the only women with two blogs – running and other (or kid, for me). Sorry the half did not go as you’d have liked. I agree with Rachel – it will happen + you have the cutest outfit: Ana-Maria

  4. Willie June 30, 2009 at 3:18 pm #

    That’s right, you can only get better! I’m so proud of you for having that committed attitude and “gonna do this” mentality. Isn’t it great? Even if you didn’t get what you wanted, it must have been fun (sounds like it) to just get in that mode.

    You totally rock and will get this done soon! 1:50 is a FAST time and when you get it you will have accomplished something GREAT.

    If nothing else, you looked absolutely adorable in your outfit!

  5. catherinedrew June 30, 2009 at 3:59 pm #

    Thanks for the comments!!just what I need to hear…esp looking good in my gear…I’ve always maintained that it is important to look good..ha! I will couple that with speed!!! look good AND speedy..whoa!!!

  6. Stacey Pomerleau July 5, 2009 at 12:14 pm #

    Cute outfit!! Sorry that it is winter there. I didn’t realize that it’s your winter presently. If I ever make it to New Zealand I will make sure to go in January or February!

    Here’s an odd question…. When you flush your toilet does it funnel down clockwise or counter-clockwise?

    Take care,

    • catherinedrew July 5, 2009 at 1:04 pm #

      gosh…i just went and flushed it..and in answer to the age old question..its hard to tell in a waterfall…I’d say..if anything it was clockwise….

  7. Stacey Pomerleau July 5, 2009 at 1:32 pm #

    hee hee! I was told that Australia had counter clockwise flushes due to the pull of the south pole or something of that nature…. I guessed that maybe yours flushed counter clockwise as well!!

    Thanks for clearing that up!


  8. Stacey Pomerleau July 5, 2009 at 1:35 pm #

    p.s. I just realized that we have an 8 hour time difference. Enjoy the rest of your day… I am heading to bed shortly as I work on Sundays!


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