I actually stuck to the training programme….so far…

9 Jul

Well…this week is on track…apart from the fact I do not have a bike! My old giant is at bike hospital getting a granny gear and new chain and something else..anyway, it will be beautiful to ride, (hopefully by Saturday.) I am going to talk myself into loving bike riding.
My week thus far: Monday, a lovely 10k run. Tuesday a 30minute windtrainer session, I was meant to do 80 but was so so bored I could’ve eaten my own arm. I did hot yoga later Tuesday night, I felt like fainting, and later on felt seedy. I Woke up on Wednesday feeling like I had been out drinking (not juice) the night before. I think for my hot yoga sessions I will drink powerade or something…there’s only so much water one can drink….
Anyhoo, despite being ‘yoga hung over’ on Wednesday, I did 90 minutes on the hills of Mt.Victoria. It was meant to be 70mins but I was enjoying it so much…
Today, I did an easy 5k, and here I am! Feeling good. Feeling like I can do this marathon training thing…
I am now annoyed…( http://cenglish-memento.blogspot.com )


One Response to “I actually stuck to the training programme….so far…”

  1. Rachel Harris July 10, 2009 at 8:11 am #

    Great to hear! This whole illness thing is such a fickle business – train too soon and you risk relapsing, leave it too long and the motivation and fitness wanes. Take care out there!

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