A slug of a run, but a run nevertheless…

14 Jul

As promised…I did do my 25k run..(about 15.something miles..) on Sunday. After issuing instructions to the kids ( Deane was working the after hours), I left the house at 4.15pm. I dressed in thermotech leggings, running skirt, icebreaker longsleeved shirt, icebreaker jacket, macpac jacket, kathmandu neck gaiter, and icebreaker beanie. I ran into the gale, it blew me sideways. I had to lean forward and at times my feet were going but I was’nt moving…(does anybody else (not residing in Wellington) run in winds that force you backwards, sideways and sometimes to the ground?). I did not feel fantastic, and even after only 3k, as I was rounding the point where I could’ve easily been home in 10minutes, my head was telling me to quit. But I did’nt. I ran around the bay into the gale, and up cobham drive, through kilbirnie. My plan was to run past the airport and snake back along Shelley bay road then back along the bay, into town through the Mt Vic tunnel and home. I’m sure this would have given me over 25. However, I had forgotton about the ‘darkness’ aspect of running very slowly from 4.15pm. By the time I had struggled to the airport,(10k) the black, windy darkness was falling…(think;glum harry potter setting..) Shellley bay road is a long desolate road, most of it with no houses and no street lights. It is also the road where, less than 2 years ago, some monster deliberately ran a random runner woman down with their monster car. (It is always in my mind…that particular incident). I decided not to go that route, instead, I turned back and retraced my steps. The wind pushed me for my next 15k, (which was sweet of it.)
I was out in the cold, (I never truly warmed up…although I un-zipped my top jacket a bit…) for nearly three hours. Yes folks, that is how long it took me! I am such a slug.
A good and weird point of this run is that it did not rain on my at all! I mean, I got wet when I huge wave crashed onto the break around the airport in Lyall bay and sprayed me..but no rain. It had been sideways raining all day, and once I was home (slinking down in a hot bath) it sideways rained again. Maybe god does love me???
For some reason (need new shoes??), my toenails hurt like hell and I am pretty sure they are all going to fall off..again. I could’nt sleep that night they were so sore. Anyway…new shoes for me…maybe new socks too…maybe a new running skirt too and a new book and a new couch and a new pair of jeans…
I was really inspired by this;

2 Responses to “A slug of a run, but a run nevertheless…”

  1. ange July 14, 2009 at 10:00 am #

    Well done you! I ran last night, admit it was only a 30min run but I have been plagued by a terrible cough and wheeze – have been using my inhaler like an asthmatic (which I’m not) at least 3hrly for 5 days!!!!!! Had to take it 3 times during my run, thanks to all the coal fires in Invers,it was the run from hell and I didn’t manage to go as far as I wanted but I did complete the 30mins. But I have been blown sideways in the wind, I’ve been blown off my roadbike and it blown out of my hands as well! Good on you for doing your run – every little bit counts and don’t forget it’s not only your body your training but the psychological factor as well, learning to over-ride the feelings of quitting and self-doubt 🙂

  2. Pip July 14, 2009 at 11:28 am #

    Oh you put me to shame! I didn’t run on Sunday at all. I was supposed to be meeting Jo for lunch post our respective runs at Maranui, and drove guiltily from Island Bay to Lyall thinking it was hard enough to keep the car on the road, let alone drive, and cringing when I saw a single runner and three road cyclists out there anyway. I ended up spending the rest of the day in the study by the heater. All of this meant I had to do my 25km after work last night. I started work an hour early and left the Terrace gym at 4.30. I ran from the Meridian building to the Miramar cutting around the Bays. Like you, I avoided running any further because it was getting dark. Instead I ran through Miramar to Moa Point, back towards Lyall Bay, then through Kilbirnie to Evans Bay and round the Bays again to the railway station, down to the bottom of Tinakori Rd and then back towards the gym. It took me almost exactly 2.30, with one brief toilet stop at Oriental Bay! Unlike you I had gorgeous conditions – not too cold and completely calm. So although I felt guilty about missing Sunday (in my defence, I did ride on Saturday), it worked out well in the end!

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