Training again…..I am so good…

23 Jul

Training buddies

Training buddies

I caught up with Mr Creamer (*old guy P.T) , asked him to give me a kick up the butt. He did, so I followed the kick with a 10k run last night. Yep, it felt great to be back out on the road after ummm…seven days. He gave me some shoulder weights workouts which I asked for as I am consistantly failing in my plank to push up on-a-balance-ball. I feel I have not any strength in the shoulders at all…nuthin’…
I toddled off to the gym this morn, completed an okay weights workout. The plan is for a slow 8k tonight. I’m actually in catch up mode…I’m pretty good at catchup-seem to do it a lot. I guess that’s why I’m usually injury free. Did I tell you about the last time I was injured? WELL!..I was running around the house cleaning etc, and I had folded blankets that needed to go in the cupboards above the wardrobe. Of course the only thing to stand on was the 60cm balance ball, so I did, arm full of blankets…DUH! It was’nt long after I stood straight up, I was lying on the floor groaning in pain, feeling faint and nauseous. It took a few visits to the oseteo to fix that one, but that is my biggest ‘sports’ injury. (I was on a ball…that’s the sports bit…)
Keep running…it’s only rain, hurricane strength wind…
(*old guy…mention this add and I will get a 10% discount off my next sess.)


One Response to “Training again…..I am so good…”

  1. Willie July 24, 2009 at 4:06 pm #

    Sorry I’ve been away for awhile, sounds like a bit of a rollercoaster ride for you lately. Glad it’s getting better.

    That totally counts as a sports injury. Yoga ball, folded blankets, of course!!

    Cute pic.

    Run Fearless! Because you can.

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