Mizuno wins over Adidas….

28 Jul

I have defected from Adidas shoes, and now am a proud wearer of Mizuno, ‘wave creation 10’ shoes. size 91/2 by the way! I have been fitted for Adidas and worn them forever, but I asked to try new brands. Maybe a completely new shoe would stop this eternal ‘toenail falling off gig’. After a computer foot/running analysis (thanks Shoe clinic!) the shoe guy bought out the Mizuno and a Brooks. I had a run around and decided on the Mizuno…a full shoe size larger than street shoes.
I took my new shoes out for a 10k last night. They performed well, no sqishy toes, and my foot felt more supported than previously.
The run was absolutely gorgous-the scenery I mean, not my running. My legs felt robotic,and weak. So there I was, stumbling through a beautiful night. Not a breath of wind, a glassy sea, crisp air. The rather good weights workout in the morning may have added to my robot legs, or maybe it was just because I have been rather slack.
till next time.

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