Running fearless…because I can…(Kudos Willie!!!)

3 Aug

Well! I did…I ran fearlessly all week, sticking to my training plan. I ran a fearless 10k on Monday, which felt okay apart from my robot legs. I think the robot legs had something to do with a fearless weights session the same morning…and my new shoes..(size nine and a half…). On Tuesday I bored my self through a 30minute windtrainer session…was meant to be 70mins..errrr…so maybe not totally sticking to programme. I have a bad windtrainer attitude. I hate it! It bores me…and also, happily, for that particular session, my new gears things stopped working so I could not shift out of the lowest gear at all. I had to stop. (I took it back to Shane at Penny farthings, and he fixed it…)
Wednesday saw me running the hills of Mt Vic and Hataitai for 70mins. I felt strong running the ups…and felt like I needed to pee on the downs…hmmmmmm.
Thursday I went for a really slow 5k. Friday, I took my special key and went to the Newtown athletic track, and did 3×400 as warm up followed by 5×400 attempting to get all at 1minute 45secs. The first 400 I succeeded, the 2nd not far off, and the last three around 2mins. I then did another 400, and followed that with a coffee with Mr Drew. The track work is quite hard, I feel like a slug…weirdly, I feel like a ‘fake athlete’ being at the track. I would have a hard time if some (wippet thin) ‘real athletes’ actually showed up and worked out there while I was slogging around it. I know…I need to get over myself..and ‘be in the present’ and ‘just do it’..yadda yadda yadda.
Anyhoo, on Saturday, I woke at 4.50am, and prepared to run 28k. I used NLP to get me out of the door by 6am. I wanted to leave earlier in order to get back in time to get the kids to their sports, but it was so dark and (scarey). I left at 6 and ran through the mt vic tunnel (yuck), and through town, up the brooklyn hill..(ran all the way up feeling strong). About 1k into it, one of my fuel belt bottles, started spilling my fuel down my leg. I thought maybe I had filled it up too much,so emptied a tad onto the ground…to no avail. The entire orange contents ended up stickily on my thigh (!?!!), and I was cursing the brand. (I rechecked the bottle when I was more calm, less angry and it turned out I had…errrr…not screwed the lid on properly..sorry fuel- belt- brand!)
Anyhow, I continued my sticky run, eventually forgot the stickiness and enjoyed a lot of the run. My new shoes were great, no sore feet or toes. The prettiest part was running down happy valley road in the dawn. The worst part was running to Maranui cafe (my favourite, best food and coffee in town…) and realising that it had burnt out. The windows had exploded, it was a shell. I felt for the owners, and staff. I stopped to talk to a fire fighter who said it had started in the wee hours. It was a gut wrenching sight. I texted friends as I kept running around the airport and through breaker bay.
I ran down cobham drive and as I hit 28k I began walking, not wanting to overdo it and of course, I needed to keep to my programme. I phoned Deane to check the kids were ready to go, and organise who was taking whom etc.
Yay! I had done it!!!
On Sunday, I had a three hour bike booked in, but I slept in..(after rising at 5am the entire week, I felt okay doing this), and by the time I was emotionally ready to go, it was too late..i.e the kids were up and the wind was up to. Okay…I am a gutless rider. I will do some head work on my biking attitude…by next weekend I will be up for it. enough of the excuses..
so thats me my avids!
I am ready for a new week, starting with a weights sess this morning and a 10k tonight!!!
Thanks for reading!!


3 Responses to “Running fearless…because I can…(Kudos Willie!!!)”

  1. Pip August 3, 2009 at 9:05 am #

    GREAT job with your long run! I wish I had the fortitude to get up at that time of morning and run up to Brooklyn! Mind you, running from my place to Brooklyn doesn’t really count, being as it is mainly downhill.

    And yes, I did 90 minutes on one of those old bikes on Level 4. I went up there because I could use my SPDs, and I didn’t want to wear out my good race tire riding Cleo on my trainer. So I wimped out of proper cycling as well. Once Gearshifters starts up again I’ll probably be riding more often on Sundays, so if you want a group to ride with I can let you know when we’re going to be out there.

  2. catherinedrew August 5, 2009 at 5:53 am #

    yep..I know of gearshifters…didn’t duck used to run some of them? Let me know and I will c if I feel errrr…..’good/fast’ enough to ride with them…am trying to amp it up for Taupo…

  3. Willie August 6, 2009 at 11:21 pm #

    OMG so sorry for not checking this earlier! Thanks for the props! I’ve been a little busy.

    Who’s not a “real” athelete? You ran 28K of hills with a fuel leak. I’d say that’s pretty damn atheletic. You sound like you’re really enjoying the training too which is awesome! Keep it up and screw anyone who would ever think you are not a real athelete. You’re a RUNNER! And that’s enough.


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