Another fabulous weeks training…

7 Aug

Monday’s 10k, I used my new NLP powers to get out of that damned door at 8pm. I met Deane at the bottom of the stairs, he had just arrived home-good timing. The run proved to be quite fabulous, (most of the way). I travelled fast, had to make myself slow down. I was listening to Jack Johnson, smiling and feeling all the good vibes of a good run, perfect Wellington night, and strong legs.
Tuesday is my windtrainer day. So of course I procrastinated like hell and ended up on the bike at 9pm. (I actually repainted the kitchen in order to procrastinate…really! I really did!! It looks great..bright orange..) I was meant to do 80minutes with a 20 min time trial, but of course, it ended up only a 35 minute session. I don’t know how to get a better attitude re the windboringtrainer.
Wednesday I ran eagerly out the door for 80minutes of hill running-I am still likin’ those hills…they make me feel quite strong. We have had the most gourgous weather, clear, calm…it makes it so much easier.
Thursday, (yesterday) I had planned my easy 8k run but due to me being awake from 3.45 that morning, I was in bed by 9pm, totally wasted…(in a good way..). I don’t feel too bad about missing the ‘easy’ actually. It worked in with todays 30k run. I was meant to do the 30k on Sunday, but have a very busy weekend planned….but…WAHOOOOO!!! I did it..30k. I ran out the door on a breathtakingly beautiful day. I headed into town and to the brooklyn mountain hill. I hate having to wait at about 6 sets of traffic lights within the first 2-3k, a total pain in the butt. I ran most of the way up the hill and then had a lovely time running the next 6 or so k down happy valley road. I met Deane 15k in as he was riding his (super new flash 6kg trek..)bike the opposite way. He was finding it a bit tough as he was doing cadence work so I gave him a jelly bean. One. I am so generous. He went his way and I continued on around the airport feeling pretty grand…waving and greeting people….until I hit 18-19k..then a small struggle ensued. I fixed it (temporarily) by swallowing my last ‘replace’ on my fuel belt. And a jelly bean. I’ve realised I need to focus more on running, especially when I get tired. Part of the reason for my slow long distance times, is my ability to daydream…hence slow down to a ‘comfortable jog’, which is freakin slow. Note to self: DO NOT DAYDREAM CATHERINE. (god! sounds like a childhood school report…). Anyhoo, I really struggled the last 3k…my legs, my head. My head started pounding, my neck, shoulders and lower back were sore, and my legs were bricks..I continued on till I hit 30.2k. I was so proud of myself I gulped back a few sobs. I still had a bout 7k till I got home, so I did the only thing a strong woman would do…I phoned Deane who happened to have just arrived back from his bike. He came and got me, drove me straight to a service station, where I bought and swallowed 600mls of powerade. It was the best powerade I have ever tasted. I then drank some of Deanes mizone.
Anyway, the plan tomorow (Saturday) is to go to the track for my speed session. Sunday very early I will head out for a 3.5hour bike followed by a 30min run. Thats the plan.Stan.
Love ya.


3 Responses to “Another fabulous weeks training…”

  1. Pip August 7, 2009 at 7:59 pm #

    Hasn’t the weather been fabulous? I’m hoping for more of the same tomorrow so I can get in a decent ride! Your story reminds me of finishing my longest 32km run, when I finished at the bottom of Happy Valley Rd and, with 5km of uphill to walk back home, I got Hamish to come and pick me up. We stopped off at Burger Wisconsin in Brooklyn on the way for dinner and by the time I had to get out of the car to go order I could barely walk. Aaah, happy memories!

  2. ange August 8, 2009 at 7:41 am #

    Ok my way of getting over my windtrainer, cos I truely hate it but have been having to use it heaps is to actually do it FIRST thing in the morning as you get it over and done with. The longer you leave it the more shitty the idea becomes, so suck it up my lady and get your arse on that bike 🙂

  3. catherinedrew August 9, 2009 at 4:37 pm #

    yep…mornings huh? I will give it a go…I will ‘suck it up’~(she says through gritted teeth)…thanks for the kick…

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