training in a cafe…

20 Aug

I followed my ‘half marathon’ on Sunday (turned out to be about 22.50k, Dave the pt emailed me with the general consensus from the ‘fast guys’…) with a rest day Monday, then a 26k on Tuesday morning. The run felt okay, but a lot of head junk happened from about 23k or so. My head junk won and I crawled from about 23k interspersed with a depressed kind of ‘jog’….ya know..crawl, jog, crawl, jog…
Anyhoo. I did it.
I had a “do nothing” day yesterday. Well, what I actually did, instead of running was this: 8.30am I dropped the little one off at kindergarten, drew a dinosaur before I left, (’s our thing…I always have to draw a dinosaur before departing..), then I dropped Mr Drew off in town. I drove to Brooklyn, and visited Deb (sick sister..). I did not stay long cos I didnt want to catch a bug or anything yucky. I drove to meet another friend for a bit of clothes shopping, then a coffee. I drove to kindergarten and picked the lovely four year old up. We then drove to another cafe and met up with a friend for lunch. We spent about an hour and a half talking and laughing. The friend left, then Paloma and I went to Moore Wilsons, leaving there with 8kilos of apples,and a chocolate bread roll, 2 liters of organic milk and 2 bread sticks.
We arrived home in time for the onslaught of kids, music lessons and general food mayhem..(good bye 2 bread sticks and 2 kilos of apples..I’m not kidding..) I was in bed by 9.30pm, I’m still tired~I’m not sure what from could be the kilometers I’m putting in, or the fact I get out of bed by 5am at the latest. It could be consistant broken sleep or it could be that I am an old hag and I just cant hack the pace anymore! What ever! I was in bed by 9.30…
My plan today is to run a 12k this morning after drawing a dinosaur. We are off to Gisborne tonight to visit my Mother and David. I have a hard time on holidays, as it screws my training plan up…
Okay. Here is my decision: I resolve to keep to my training plan while in Gisborne.
I say this with gusto.


2 Responses to “training in a cafe…”

  1. Ana-Maria August 23, 2009 at 9:08 am #

    Lots of running, oh my! I used to get very tired the day after a tough (long) run. I bet that is going on with you, too (that, and the early wake ups and kid activities). The good news is that the more I run, the better my body gets at handling mileage without needed copious amounts of sleep (I used to have to take a nap after every run longer than 10). Ana-Maria

  2. Willie August 23, 2009 at 11:39 am #

    “Anyhoo, I did it”

    Sometimes it’s the best thing you can say about a run. Actually it’s an extremely profound statement when you think that you didn’t have to do it at all! YOU did it. You. No one made you and you did it anyway. Great Job!

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