rest, run, hop.

18 Sep

I am ‘slightly’ tapering for the pelourus trust half marathon on Sunday. I ran a 8k last night. It felt just ‘okay’, not flyin’ or anything spectacular. Unfortunately, I had a enforced rest, the day before as I was on surprise taxi duty for the 13 year old. When is she going to get her liscence! ?By the time I was through with taxi duty it was 9.30pm, and I was only thinking of bed…getting up at 5am does that to me.
The week started okay with a planned rest (after the 35k) and another 8k. Today, I will be at the track with only 6×400 at 1.55. I have only done one weights/strength session as I had to stay at kindergarten, (again, unplanned) on Thursday morning instead of heading off for the gym. God! I need to plan my days better, or get my lovely family to not surprise me…(well, I may let the 4 year old continue surprising me…4 is a bit young to write in the diary i guess…)
By the way, the four year old is learning to write and her favourite word is ‘hop’. She writes it everywhere. Hop. LOve it. It doesn’t help with my training plan though.
Hop on avids!


2 Responses to “rest, run, hop.”

  1. Willie September 19, 2009 at 10:17 am #

    I’m surprised you get any training in at all! You are amazing. Good luck in the half. I really hop you do well.

  2. Becs September 19, 2009 at 8:37 pm #

    Good luck for tomorrow….not that you need ‘good luck’…let’s just say I’ll be thinking of you out there running! The weather’s meant to be ok 😀

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