as for breaking two hours…

23 Sep

Getting under 2 hours for a half marathon seems to be my own personal Everest. Sundays half marathon,( yet another perfect day for running, and a perfectly measured course) saw me rock to the finish in 2 hours and 1minute. Hmmmmm…
What the!!?
I was running with stacy in mind who was running a 100k at about the same time. I felt like a wimp. What’s 21k compared with 100? (Read about her here)
Anyhoo, I finished it, I felt okay. I ate my banana determined to do better next time. What sort of optimist am I? (a boat?…)


One Response to “as for breaking two hours…”

  1. Willie September 24, 2009 at 11:19 am #

    1 minute??? Wow that sucks, but you already knew that and I’m not really helping here am I? Bad Willie.

    You did it and that’s what matters. You will get that minute sometime soon. Don’t sweat it. Great job.

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