I love training for the Tussock traverse, Tongariro.

13 Jan

The Motatapu marathon is not too far away, but in the mean time, I am running the Tussock Traverse again. This is the race I did last year in which I lost all but 2 of my toenails..mmmm..yummy. It is on the 30th January. We will be taking the kids and our camper and staying in the ever so wonderful Whakapapa camp ground. Honestly!-it is the best/coolest camp ground I have hever stayed in! The kids sleep in the camper..(a funky pop-up thingy). Deane and I used to sleep in the van..umm..but since that burst into flame driving up Ngauranga gorge (with kids in back) a few months ago, that is off the comfy bed stakes. Dunno where we will rest our weary heads…(I digress).

So! How is my training going for the 27k mountain desert terrain? Well…I am sticking to my programme (I designed myself). I am working up to 80k per week, but I wont hit that till a few weeks before Motatapu. By the time I get to race..(really really fast) the Tussock, I will have peaked at 75kilometers for the week. I am not going to taper at all, as I am counting it as a training run. But I am still gonna whip Deanes butt. Reuben is not going to do it, otherwise I would have whipped his butt as well. yadda yadda. I actually am looking forward to it-my only hope is that it is way cooler than last time…running in 35 degrees plus in that terrain was not fun.  Anyhoo-I’m sure it will be perfect weather, Im sure I will beat Deane (no, I’m not competitve) and I am sure I will do my 10k run this morning in about half an hour. Thanks for reading.

the start of the Tussock last year...scorcher!


4 Responses to “I love training for the Tussock traverse, Tongariro.”

  1. AndrewE January 13, 2010 at 1:04 pm #

    80K a week! That’s some serious training.

  2. Willie January 18, 2010 at 10:10 am #

    Toenails are for wimps!

    I’m so jealous that you have these wonderful races all around you. So very beautiful and adventurous country you have down there. Good luck with your training and the race.

  3. Becs January 26, 2010 at 1:45 pm #

    Run 10km in 30mins?? 😉 Good for you….won’t be running with you anytime soon! 😛

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