I walked Mt Lowry. I ran Karori sanctuary.

2 Apr

Well! The Mt Lowry…ahem..’race’ was, I must say, the most fun everrrr!…(american accent on the ..everrrr..). The fact that it took me nearly three and half hours is neither..errr..here nor there. (It usually takes me about 1.40.) The reason for the ‘relaxed’ time? I had ‘encouraged’ two peeps to try the run out with me. One..’slept in’..(Hi!!…she-who-must-not-be -named…). The other one, however, turned up (with injury) and off we went. We ran  the first four k, and then it was straight into the 400meter climb. We climbed and walked, ever-so-calmly.  We talked the entire three hours, which was fun and helped divert her attention from the now aggravated  injury which was causing her great pain. Ummm..I helped with jelly beans, (sweaty sticky jellybeans). We arrived after our ‘photo shoot’, headed straight for the first aid. (Get better soon…). The conversation was good so the time just flew by, unlike our actual physical bodies. No flying there.

I did a lovely seven k run two days after Mt Lowry. Then I had another few days off..(time and circumstance and..err,,general malaise). Today, I took a friend for a quick trot around the Karori sanctuary. She had not done it before and marvelled at the sights, the windmills and the hills. I had an okay run, walked up a few hills but gave my heart a good workout. I was slow getting this weeks running off the ground, (it’s friday and have only clocked 18k), but the goal is to get another 25 in.  I need to begin weight training again, I can really feel the loss of strength in my legs. Hello Les Mills gym! I shall return. I have been going to the gym for eight years straight, with out such a long break. Weight training is important-gotta do it. Boot me!


3 Responses to “I walked Mt Lowry. I ran Karori sanctuary.”

  1. Becs April 3, 2010 at 3:15 pm #

    ha ha ha ha ha you rock 😀

    • catherinedrew April 3, 2010 at 4:46 pm #

      so do you..actually-you rock better!!!

      • Becs April 6, 2010 at 5:28 pm #

        No no no not possible. Ok. It IS 😀

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