Booted at bootcamp

20 Apr

You wanna know what the first day of boot camp was like huh?  After two weeks of school holidays and relaxing in the morning, it was a shock to get everyone up and ready-including myself in time. It went smoothly enough, barring one child who stayed home with a cough. I was a bit stressed about the logistics of it all, (you know, logistics as in: keeping them all happy and leaving the house in time and keeping the four year old happy so I could leave kindy as soon as I signed her in etc) but it worked out and I even had a few minutes to spare while I waited for magic fingers Leanne. (‘magic fingers ‘is a sports massuese. She talked me into doing bootcamp.) I drove us to the spot where we thought boot camp was but alas! it was not the space. We  chucked a couple of  eweys till cleverly making the crucial phone call to find out the correct fun place. Anyhoo, after meeting the lovely personal trainers…(very young but they all are these days) we got into it. The morning consisted of four tests, the bench mark for the next four weeks. The first test was the BEEP TEST. God! I hate beep tests.  It starts out nice and tepid…ends up making you puke. Sort of like licking an icecream and getting to a chilli in the middle. The beep test is run over a 20 meter distance with a starting speed of 8.5kper hour and increase’s at each level by 0.5k. There are 10-12 lengths per stage. I got to 7.6…which I guess means I completed 6 stages plus seven levels of the seventh stage. This test means I have a VO2Max score of 38.3. This number means I have a ‘SUP’ (..errrrr…superior …)VO2max rating!!! (Age and gender graded). I will not say the test was fun at all, and I am not looking forward to it in four weeks from now. The second test was how many full pushups can you do in one minute. I did 24 full then dropped to my knees and did 8 girly ones. Hmmmm…at least I will improve. By the way, I have never done that many pushups before. The third test was…wait for it…how many sit ups in one minute can ya do? My big fat answer to that was: 38. A measly 38. The last test was of course was a plank hold. Could I hold for  two minutes? The answer to that of course was; Nup. I did 82 seconds. I can feel it in my shoulders today. Anyhoo, thats the first boot camp session. Tommorow the real work begins. Last night I went for a little 4k run…I felt like I had rubber legs. Things are only gonna get better.

2 Responses to “Booted at bootcamp”

  1. Becs April 20, 2010 at 3:24 pm #

    YAY….and yep I certainly did want to hear all about it 😀 Awesome!!!

    I can hold a plank for just over a minute, but there is no way I can even do ONE ‘proper’ press-up 😦 Well done Superhero YOU!

  2. Neets April 23, 2010 at 6:42 am #

    I think you did a fantastic job. I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to 4 weeks with trepidation, but also with expectation. Nice work 🙂

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