Day two:bootcamp

22 Apr

okay, well the second day of bootcamp went thusly: I woke up. Morning mayhem proceeded accordingly,I deliver the side kick  at kindergarten and I wait for Leanne. We head off in my car and this time we do not get lost. Arriving at Worser bay along with all the combatants, we start off with a nice little warm up run straight up the mirimar hill, nice! Nice and warm we hang on to a fence and swing legs, stretch legs and trot back down to the beach.  This is followed by a circut of runs between cones, press ups, lunges with weights, a grid thing we have to run fast over(little steps), and squats with weight bags. We do this circut a few times and this is followed by being split into two teams and race building up to 20meters, sort of like a beep test but racing. The losers (my team) have to do 20 full press ups. The session ends with a two minute plank hold. I only last till one minute 20seconds. We do a few stretches and I leave happy and glowing and feeling challenged. I am dosed up on sudafed so my nose didn’t run (much). Apparently the first day of the first week is the easiest. Bring it on. Gulp.


One Response to “Day two:bootcamp”

  1. Neets April 23, 2010 at 6:49 am #

    I think in hindsight it’s better to have lost and done the extra push ups. You’ll end up whipping the other team’s butt in due course. Or will your team members change from time to time?

    Hope you’ve got the cold under control.

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