third day being booted;sore legs (in a good way)

23 Apr

This morning ran smoothly (unlike myself who hasn’t been for a run since Monday…) and we arrived at Worser bay in time. Once assembled, we went for a quick run up the zigzag. A bitch of a zigzag I must say but I did manage to run most of it..give or take 20meters. Okay-10 meters. Rolled back down and onto the sand we go for a quick run and fall to the ground so a particular body part hits the dirt..(run run run run “left shoulder!” splat! up! run run run run “right hip” splat! up! run..etc). Fun with a capital un. This was followed smartly by a thirty second circut of full press-ups. something but I cant remember it (must have been bad) and a new thing called ‘get ups’. These are fun cos you lie on your back and get up without help from your arms, then you fall down and get up etc for thirty seconds. We did this circut thing three times. Then we had another fun circut consisting of staggered running from start to cone one then return, then cone two and return then cone three and four cone and straight to triceps pushups off the fence. Then hit the dirt and hold a plank for thirty seconds…did this three times. Three seeems to be the magic number. This circut was followed by a sort of stomach game where we split into teams..(survivor-worserbay!) and sat in two lines on the sand and moved a 20kg bag from one person to the other while keeping legs in the air. Up and down the lines. (We won). I enjoyed it-was tough but I did keep asking for a 20kg weight to be added. That will come he promised.


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