zig zagging it at bootcamp-and my successful runs…(success as in joy)

2 May

Friday’s bootcamp portion saw me being timed running up the zigzag. shite. It took me 2mins 10secs. I started of sprinting and ended up a slobbering mess at the top..Hamish (pt) asked me,”howdya like that Catherine?” . All I could gasp is,’..not smiling now”…as i gripped the handrail pretending to do calf stretches. Gimme air, stat!.   After a slow jog to the beach, (being sandblasted the entire time) we completed a series of tortures followed by a game of ab strengthening fun times. I held a plank for two minutes. Celebration.  I did not run on Friday, I cooked all day for friends who were coming over to eat..(coq au vin, a green pilaf, a wildrice, exotic mushroom pilaf, french onion pie, warm white bean puree with bread and mashed spud, green salad). On Saturday, after the kids sport, I trotted out for a 10k run. Finally I was feeling good, I felt some semblance of strength in my puny legs. Yes folks, I think I am on the way to feeling ‘the joy’ again. I completed some serious stretching and obi roll work before settling down to watch ‘the lovely bones’. Thankyou Sir Peter Jackson! (classy movie).  Helloooo Sunday morning! After my coffee, I dressed, swallowed half a banana (whole) and headed out the door for the long run. Just me and my ipod..(Wayne Dyer..inspirational life…). I did my 20k circut taking my through the stinky Mt Vic tunnel, cut through town and up Brooklyn hill..I only slowed to a walk once going up..(pat me on the back and thanks to mr zigzag-bootcamp). I enjoyed the ‘sail’ down happy valley road. Actually the entire run was pretty cool, I walked about one point five k’s all up…walking through our front door to rapturous applause. Nup, only kidding, no applause, but I did feel decidedly ill, so had a plate of left over wild rice pilaf and an apple juice.  I did the dishes, picked up stuff, vaccumed and washed the floors and did three loads of washing, folded and put away a previous two loads (had to empty the basket some how) and cleaned the toilets. Yay me. I stretched while in the hot shower.


3 Responses to “zig zagging it at bootcamp-and my successful runs…(success as in joy)”

  1. Bec May 3, 2010 at 12:22 am #

    Machine. 🙂 You are!

  2. Justinian May 7, 2010 at 2:12 pm #

    you’re really trying to make the Captain Cooks a competition aye…how am i gonna keep up with you?????

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