The good life…

3 May

Boot camp today: Mr Pt was in a rather rugged mood, which was funny till he made us run up up up and once at the top do circuts of cruel squat jumps, pressups, lunges and then a jog down then, bam! run fast up the zig zag….pfft. Then down to the sand and run run run, straight into a plank jump race…i.e teams of five..all start holding plank postion while the last person leaps over our backs and then the now ‘new’ last person leaps over the plank backs etc till we are all planking over the finish line a few thousand meters away. Get it? From plank race we did a few circuts   of step ups of f the sea break straight into push ups…finished with stretches and not much later a coffee and avocado on toast. I live a good life…someone has to. I definitely feel physically stronger, and more enthusiastic about running goals…ummm…all though I am having a ‘rest’ day today. Hmmm…chat later.


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