Last week of bootcamp…will I cry on the last day?

11 May

The workout at boot camp yesterday consisted running up a short steep gut busting hill to the Ataturk memorial carrying a weight bag…every few corners  you stop, do ten weighted squats. There are fantastic views at the crest, if you could see them with your nose on the ground struggling to finish one full pushup, (you are meant to be doing 20). You run back down the hill, zigzagging, sliding and hopping over slippery morning steps. You give the wet grass another set of pushups and follow this with burpees. And guess what? Yep. Back up to the memorial-run spot, run. Complete a set of lunges followed by dead lifts with a bag. oh yeah-and squats. Repeat a few times, after the last  run back down the hill,  hold a plank for 2 minutes. Cry. Great session. I followed it with a coffee. Last night I did an easy five k run, and scootered to pick Rose up from hockey, raced her back. Scooting is fun! Especially down hill all though a bit dodgy in the dark.


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