Yet loving another sodden week

10 Jun

I may have lost my blogging mojo. but, what was lost is now found…(I hear the collective sigh of relief from you all…”Thank the gods, ye back!”).    I will tell y’all about last week, because that is as far back as I can remember. I completed 49.2kilometers of running. This makes me quite happy, it being to plan. My 20k run on Sunday was a beauty! I went with a friend who did not know she was out for quite such a long run…so that made it even more fun. I asked her at the beginning if she was happy just to follow me and she said yep. It was a pissin’ down day, but blessed with no wind. Perfect for me, she however prefers blue sky and sun..(I couldnt think of anything worse to run in..). She followed me through stinky Mt Vic tunnel, and sort of through town, then up the Brooklyn hill and down happy valley road. I still looove sailing down happy valley road-glorious in the rain listening to violin concerto’s. We stretched under the eve of a dis-used dairy then carried on *soddenly, (*which means ‘really really wet.)  We ran around the long and lovely peninsula and headed straight up the boring bit into Kilbirnie, and up into Hataitai villiage where upon a high five, I got a long black with five (sugars that is) and she stayed to meet her family for a nosh up. I walked home supping hot coffee enjoying yet more rain. So that was that. This week so far I have enjoyed one 10k run. My target is 50k for the week. It is still grimey weather so I’m confident I will reach it. Hey guess what…I’m 68kg..shit!!!! How can I run run run and put weight ON? Is it the chocolate buttons? The peanut slab(s)? The banana rolled in almond meal and honey? Fresh dates marinated in flax oil, cardomon seeds, and saffron?


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