a blah stage of training..

23 Jun

..feeling extraordinarily blaah, am finding it hard to get out that door. My ‘blah-dom’ began on Sunday. I had planned all week for a 25k, but the blah kept me in bed till eleven a.m. If you know me at all folks, you will realize that is unheard of! I am a morning person…up and out. I had a severe case of blah. In desperation I picked up one of my ‘law-of-attraction books from the floor where I had thrown it the night before. Surely it would be able  to help! It did. So after a quick fifteen minute read (slap in the face with words), I crawled out of bed, through the mire of unkept kids and went out for a despondent run. It only ended up an eleven k run. But I was just so happy to have kicked ‘blah’ in the head for the moment. So, my overall training has been okay. I have done enough long runs (20k) to get me through the half marathon on Sunday. But I have no smart arse comments about how fast I will be. I will just be happy to be there. Hopefully I will be running with a young fast pup who will be my pacer…yay team.


2 Responses to “a blah stage of training..”

  1. Justinian June 24, 2010 at 9:10 am #

    I’m having a blah week too….yesturdays run ended up a walk darn it, just blaah..but still out there huh..the rain is pushing us down and all the other shit…no more I say no more

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