working out with a duck, a surprise long run with a 12 year old

4 Aug

I have been good apart from the odd chocolate binge…even cooking chocolate will do when things are really bad. Oh well. Onwards and upwards. I have been working out with the duck three times per week. One is our Wednesday morning pain-speed session, the other two are 30 minute throw-kettle-weights around, chuck a power bag, and wear a 9kilo vest while doing lunges etc-sessions. Yes..I know y’all want to join me. The thing is; I can feel the improvement already, I feel stronger, if not a tad stiff and sore, on my runs. I am chucking in a few homemade yoga sessions a week too, so am distinctly less crackly, tense and stiff – Yes people, once you get to my age, if ya don’t bend it, it crackles. Hmmm. Be warned.
This morning was the speed session. We met at 5.50am, (I have persuaded them to change it to 5.30am in summer), at freyburg. We ran to the top of Marjoriebanks street…think steep and dishearteningly long. We then jogged down to the first power pole, and sprinted up, then jogged down to the second power pole, and sprinted up..then did walking lunges. This counted as one circuit. We did it ten times. Then we ran back to the car. By the way, this morning, this was all completed in absolutely pissin’ rain. Torrential. Very very wet. However, there was no wind-at all. So it was fun. Wet fun.
Going back in time a tad, the Sunday, just gone, I was meant to be up and out early for a 2 hour run. My bed was so comfy, my book was so good, the kids were nice and quiet (dvds, screens etc) I stayed in bed till 10. I dressed in my running clothes. I knew this would help propel me out the door..(into a howling gale, sideways rain etc). I then had a great idea…(to help me out the door..I would use one of the kids!!!!) I asked Harry (12 yr old son), if he wanted to go for a quick run with me, I said he could take my scooter. He was eager, I told him to dress warmly. So, out we went. Harry asked me how far we would be going. I told him it was a surprise. While we were running Evan’s bay, I looked at Harry, pink cheeked, soaked, puffing-being totally blown sideways by the gale. I screamed at him (had to scream to be heard above the wind), “Ya feel alive Harry?!!”, He grinned and laughed and screamed a reply to the order of he wanted more of it.
At about the 15k mark however, he was a different story, so we stopped at a dairy and got him some chocolate and lollies. That cheered him up, it didn’t warm him up however as he didn’t put on warm clothes, (he thought i was joking), so I gave him my hat and neck gaiter. I wasn’t cold, running is harder than scooting.Anyway, the boy made it all the way. We covered 19 kilometers in 2.10. He was very proud of himself and he fixed his hypothermia with a hot shower and a bowl of hot baked beans.


4 Responses to “working out with a duck, a surprise long run with a 12 year old”

  1. Pip August 4, 2010 at 7:55 pm #

    That poor kid! I am sure I will be listening to Duck complaining about how sore she is tomorrow as she’s inflicting pain on me in what, I’m sure, will be torrential rain! As for the weather on Sunday, I was supposed to be doing the Xterra night run but with that weather it was never going to happen. I don’t think Hamish would have let me out the door anyway! It’s turned into a bit of a light week. Oops.

  2. jogblog August 13, 2010 at 2:11 am #

    Hi, I saw your paintings on your other blog. I love them! Do you have a website with them on?

  3. jogblog August 14, 2010 at 7:34 am #

    Hello, me again. That was actually a serious question; I would have emailed you direct but couldn’t find an email address. Never mind, you’re obviously not interested in selling any of your paintings, shame!

  4. Justine P August 15, 2010 at 7:32 pm #

    Under CatherineDrewEnglish

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