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I finished my second Auckland marathon…4.14.20sec

2 Nov

running to the finish at my second marathon...

Yes…I really did, and I did not blog about it. For that I am sorry. I took 15 minutes off my first Auckland marathon. It was a world of pain, especially from 37ish kilometers. Yes..already planning the next one.


working out with a duck, a surprise long run with a 12 year old

4 Aug

I have been good apart from the odd chocolate binge…even cooking chocolate will do when things are really bad. Oh well. Onwards and upwards. I have been working out with the duck three times per week. One is our Wednesday morning pain-speed session, the other two are 30 minute throw-kettle-weights around, chuck a power bag, and wear a 9kilo vest while doing lunges etc-sessions. Yes..I know y’all want to join me. The thing is; I can feel the improvement already, I feel stronger, if not a tad stiff and sore, on my runs. I am chucking in a few homemade yoga sessions a week too, so am distinctly less crackly, tense and stiff – Yes people, once you get to my age, if ya don’t bend it, it crackles. Hmmm. Be warned.
This morning was the speed session. We met at 5.50am, (I have persuaded them to change it to 5.30am in summer), at freyburg. We ran to the top of Marjoriebanks street…think steep and dishearteningly long. We then jogged down to the first power pole, and sprinted up, then jogged down to the second power pole, and sprinted up..then did walking lunges. This counted as one circuit. We did it ten times. Then we ran back to the car. By the way, this morning, this was all completed in absolutely pissin’ rain. Torrential. Very very wet. However, there was no wind-at all. So it was fun. Wet fun.
Going back in time a tad, the Sunday, just gone, I was meant to be up and out early for a 2 hour run. My bed was so comfy, my book was so good, the kids were nice and quiet (dvds, screens etc) I stayed in bed till 10. I dressed in my running clothes. I knew this would help propel me out the door..(into a howling gale, sideways rain etc). I then had a great idea…(to help me out the door..I would use one of the kids!!!!) I asked Harry (12 yr old son), if he wanted to go for a quick run with me, I said he could take my scooter. He was eager, I told him to dress warmly. So, out we went. Harry asked me how far we would be going. I told him it was a surprise. While we were running Evan’s bay, I looked at Harry, pink cheeked, soaked, puffing-being totally blown sideways by the gale. I screamed at him (had to scream to be heard above the wind), “Ya feel alive Harry?!!”, He grinned and laughed and screamed a reply to the order of he wanted more of it.
At about the 15k mark however, he was a different story, so we stopped at a dairy and got him some chocolate and lollies. That cheered him up, it didn’t warm him up however as he didn’t put on warm clothes, (he thought i was joking), so I gave him my hat and neck gaiter. I wasn’t cold, running is harder than scooting.Anyway, the boy made it all the way. We covered 19 kilometers in 2.10. He was very proud of himself and he fixed his hypothermia with a hot shower and a bowl of hot baked beans.

The way I make muscles.

23 Jul

Okay! well, today I can walk. Yesterday was a different story. You know the race…(yeah, its hard to call something that took over three and a half hours an actual race..but it was..), anyhow, the ‘race’ left me with bricks for legs. The bricks had a rest the day after the ‘race’, and..errr. the day after that. But on Tuesday, the bricks went out for a 4k jaunt. (It was meant to be a ten k, but…ummm…ya know…). Guess what happened on Wednesday? I woke up at 5.30am and took the bricks out for a speed workout with my friend, Duck. Duck is the leader of a little gaggle of pain seekers. I am a new convert. We met at freyburg pool, outside, huddled in the rain. She rocks up wearing a 9kilo weight vest. We jog to the bottom of Hay street, (Hay street goes straight up vertically to god). The aim is to sprint to the top, amble down, complete 10 burpee’s, times 10 (or so). I think we finished 8, each taking turns with the nice heavy vest. Tell ya what, after the allotted 45minutes I was completely stuffed, rooted, and all those other nice words that actually mean depleted. I drove home in time to wake the kids up and supervise breakfast, dressing and out-the-door time. They were gone by 8.15ish. I drove down to Waitangi park, in the rain again, to meet Duck, now with her ‘personal trainer’ hat on. I was introduced to the joy of kettle bell weights, and the 25k power bag. I love a good power bag workout, but have not done any weights fro nearly a year. I knew, not far into the work out, that I was not going to feel marvelous for a while. This was true. For the rest of the day, I was wasted with a capital F. I could not sit, lie, walk efficiently at all. Thursday was worse. I took panadol. It did not work. I felt like pee-ing standing up, because to get into sitting position was…well….hell. (Thank you Duck. Love ya work). Today, Friday, I am feeling better. I will be running tonight. Its raining and cold. Just my thing. My legs are lead, but at least every movement doesn’t cause agony. Only most of the movements. I can deal with that.
By the way..this post is written via my new IPAD. Love it. Got this nifty little keyboard attached to it. Gotta work out the photo app thing.

Captain Cooks landing race…

22 Jul

Captain cook landed on a particular bit of land in the Marlbourough sounds, dunno what he did but am almost certain he didnt run up the first hill and then continue running 26kilometers to the next bay. He wouldn’t have had the proper gear.  I however, did have the gear, whistles and all, so I ran it.

My weekend began with the ship trip over the strait. Just me-no little people asking me to get them food etc. I read my book. I drank tea. I ate toast. I stared out the window and felt very priviledged. Upon disembarking  three hours later,and lugging my very heavy sports bag to nearest cafe, I worked my way through the newspaper and another pot of tea. I asked the friendly cafe guy for directions to the motel my sister had booked. He said it may be better to get a taxi. I walked anyway. after twenty minutes with  my increasingly heavy bag I arrived at the seediest motel I have ever stayed at. I must have looked a bit seedy myself, arriving sweating at reception, breathing  heavily.  Once Justine arrived, we sorted out our day bags (gear for after the race) and our ‘stayput’ bags (for our overnight stay at the beautiful Furneaux lodge). We sorted our race bags out, making sure the compulsory whistle and survival blanket were amongst the food and jelly beans.

After a restless night, that is, we both listened and worried about the torrential rain that didn’t let up from 2 a.m. We got up, ate and left for the race by 6.50am, into the rain. (That was the last time I was dry till much later that night at Furneaux.)

After waiting under a small shelter with about 148 other people, we were sorted into our water taxi’s according to which wave we started the run. This took about one hour. I was in wave three (6 waves). I guess there were about 40 other sodden contenders  in the boat. After nearly 2 hours travel out to the beginning point (Captain Cooks landing) we were told to wait for 20 mins in the boat while another wave got sorted. Time to eat a banana. I was beginning to get really cold, and slightly impatient. Once let out of the boat, I ran (in the rain) to a small shelter where I waited for another 15 or so minutes. Finally,  we were out of the shelter and to the actual start point, where we were counted (twice) and our names called out like a school roll. wow. I started the run, with frozen feet and wet polyprops at about 10.15. I must say, the comraderie was high, I was having fun right from the very begining. I started off running happily straight up the hill, ended up walking from about half way up I guess. (A lot of people did, which made me feel better). The track was lovely, if not very slippery being wet clay and all. From the first hill, it was mainly down hill and flat(ish) .  My head fell into a dark pit of useless slowness after only a few k, so- I ate a quater of a ‘one square meal’. (Food! the solution to so many problems).  Then I got ‘back into the game’, (huh? isnt that a line from some sort of teen musical?) .  The best part of the run was  an 8k downhill section..I felt like I was flying. I passed heaps of people (okay..probably ummm…5?) that had previously passed me on the uphill. ( I had been practicing downhill running without fear in a few off road’s ). I  felt fearless. I finally stepped in behind a line of five who were going a good pace on the flat and the slight uphills, but a bit slower than I would have on the downhills. It was a great ride with them, our pack ‘leader’ Cindy, calling our names like an army drill. Once the pack dispersed (with ten k to go), I ran with her for the next 5-6k. She flew off when I died with only 3k to go. I kept running, but ran like an..old lady..errr…maybe I am? NAAAHHHH. My lower back was hurting, my neck and shoulders were aching and I felt sick…(Most people I spoke to at the finish were complaining of sore lower backs-it must have been the uneven terrain coupled with large fast downhill sections… abs.) Anyhoo, I ran through the finish line at a sizzlin’ hot time of 3.33. Hmmm. 26k=3.33. Does not compute. (Cindy finished in a time of 3.30 and my bloody sister in 3.23…yes..yes..sibling rilvary…I love her but she damn well bet me…). I retrieved my day bag, found a small laundry to dress in (with two other women). This was funnier than it sounds because we were all frozen, soaked and could not bend over to take our shoes off properly. The laundry was very small, and there were other people trying to get in. I ended up sort of drying myself with my neck gator,(forgot to pack towel) and realizing I had also forgotton to pack my warm possum socks, had to shove my naked feet into my cold damp leather boots. (Did I mention it was still raining at this point?). I then met Justine in the only cafe and huddled by the best grazier fire in the universe and joked around with the other frozen people. Everyone it seems had sore backs and great stories. After waiting a while, we jumped on a boat and cruised into furneaux lodge. We got our room and showered, dressed warmly and headed to the prizegiving. The fastest person did it in (from memory) 2.06. speedster.

My sister bet me on the course, actually (a lot of people did) –I however, am the one that got a prize. Yes, at prizegiving, my name was called for a spot prize! Cindy and Justine were sick with jealousy which was great. (The prize was a jacket). We had a fabulous dinner, they had a whole pig on a spit which actually made me feel very ill, (being vegan and all). Staying the night at Furneaux lodge was fun with a capital T. Justine and I had to share a bed, because the room was booked only in one name and the lodge thought we were a couple. (Yeah, a couple of snoring, wriggling sisters). I had a great time and will definately do it next year. Deane has promised he will as well. It will be a different race with out the rain.

two weeks after the record breaking half marathon..

11 Jul

Yes folks, I did break my two hour half marathon Everest! I conquered it with a 1.58.36 fabulous time. I got to half way with my speedy young pacer at a scorching 55 minutes and continued on-in pain-but I did it. And voila! – here I am training for my next race which is Saturday the 17th of this month. Yes, in a mere six days I will be slogging my heart out on the Queen Charlotte track. I will be meeting my sister in Picton and catching the race ferry with her. I am totally prepared for a fabulous weekend away. We are staying at Fernaux lodge on Saturday night, ahh, bliss. The race is called ‘Cooks landing’. I havn’t done it before. My sister talked me into it-(didnt take much).

a blah stage of training..

23 Jun

..feeling extraordinarily blaah, am finding it hard to get out that door. My ‘blah-dom’ began on Sunday. I had planned all week for a 25k, but the blah kept me in bed till eleven a.m. If you know me at all folks, you will realize that is unheard of! I am a morning person…up and out. I had a severe case of blah. In desperation I picked up one of my ‘law-of-attraction books from the floor where I had thrown it the night before. Surely it would be able  to help! It did. So after a quick fifteen minute read (slap in the face with words), I crawled out of bed, through the mire of unkept kids and went out for a despondent run. It only ended up an eleven k run. But I was just so happy to have kicked ‘blah’ in the head for the moment. So, my overall training has been okay. I have done enough long runs (20k) to get me through the half marathon on Sunday. But I have no smart arse comments about how fast I will be. I will just be happy to be there. Hopefully I will be running with a young fast pup who will be my pacer…yay team.

Is this a good training run?

18 Jun

Is it wrong to end a run, three kilometers into it (was gonna be a 10k)? Is it wrong to stop the run because as you run past a friends house,you decide to ‘pop’ in to say hi. They offer you fruit cake and wine and a good chat-you end up staying for a few hours-you end up not even able to run the three kilometers home because you have to drive a friend who has had more wine than is required. I guess it’s not such a good run building up to the half marathon, but it is a good way to catch up with friends….a balanced run/life experience.