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I finished my second Auckland marathon…4.14.20sec

2 Nov

running to the finish at my second marathon...

Yes…I really did, and I did not blog about it. For that I am sorry. I took 15 minutes off my first Auckland marathon. It was a world of pain, especially from 37ish kilometers. Yes..already planning the next one.


no longer a marathon virgin….

2 Nov

Me..(behind the blues) about 1minute after finishing...magic morningHow lucky am I?
The top pic is me (in black) 1minute after finishing, and the bottom one is an hour before the start!
A friend looked after the kids at home while Deane and I flew to Auckland on Saturday..(still hate flying..). We hired a car at the Auckland airport and drove directly to the marathon registration center which I flew through…(after spending ‘a couple of bucks’ in the adidas shop…which you had to walk through after registering..good stuff adidas). We then drove to the Westin, our hotel, which, I must say..was absolutely fabulous. My goal for Saturday was to relax and eat carbs…which is just what I did. Knowing that I would not sleep much at night, from about 11am I lazed around in my white dressing gown on the white kingsize bed after having a white bubbly bath, and snoozed in between popping grapes into my mouth….I’m sure that’s what all elite athletes do?. I started getting a tad hungry at about 5pm, so we found the hotel restaurant and dined on pumpkin ravioli and wild bread with dip…
I was in bed by about 8pm, and slept fitfilly till 1am, at which time I was wide awake..hyped and hungry. In between the hours of 1 to 3 am, I drank coffee, ate a power bar, porridge, sustagen, annoyed Mr Drew, and figured out (repeatedly) what I was going to wear, I settled on my black skirt, black icebreaker t shirt, white adidas cap and of course mizuno’s. Whew!…I looked cool… which is very important. I forced Deane out of bed at 3.30am. We were out the door by 4.05am and walking along the waterfront to the ferry terminal. We were met by an old guy (70+) wearing tiny old guy shorts, tiny tshirt emblazoned with ‘THAMES’ and he was wrapped (sort of) in an old green transparent plastic jacket. He was clutching a can of coke and started chatting. Man! could he talk! (Tell ya what! I love the old guys and gals…down to earth..real). He had been running marathons since he was 42, had run them all over the world. He said he drank a can of coke just before a race and that was it. He talked to us till I was in the starters shute a few hours later.(The hype at the start was almost too much for me..I was nearly an emotional mess..gulped it all back..wiped away tears…). I was joking around that I was an elite 4.30hour athlete…he told me I should therefore start of in the front with the elites. I didnt quite start in the front but very close to it so it is the best start I have ever had in a race. I just breezed over the start mat and kept running-no crush, no hassell. I pulled myself together as I started the run, I felt comfortable and happy. The k’s seemed to melt away and although I was attempting to save myself-i did break my 5k record and my 10k record by 3minutes each which of course was fun but not a great thing to do on ones first marathon!
I again was a tad emotional as I started running up the Auckland harbour bridge. It didn’t seem that big actually. As I was running up it the elite half marathon men sprinted past following a loud beeping motor bike telling us to make way for them. I applauded them as they went. I wish…I wish…..
I started feeling the run from about 20k. Body bits started being a tad grumpy. I felt a blister forming on my small toe (weird) and a few ks later, under the ball of my foot..(weird #2). I kept running. Deane surprised me at 20something k by calling my name and jumping onto the road with a handful of gu and a bottle of powerade…lovely man! I really needed the gu too as my other four had dropped somewhere on the road about 10k back. The most depressing part of the run came at about 30k (surprise surprise) when I knew the turn around must be close but all I could see were runners snaking up ahead of me for miles and miles and miles. Well, thats what it seemed like.at that point, the fast marathoners began passing me on their way back..(more sad applause from me…).
After descending the bridge, the course was as flat…(I like hills). The sun was hot and the streets were shadeless. I grabbed 2 waters and one powerade at every station which were about every 4k. They were the best support stations also having port-a-loos…(usually with a small queue..luckily I did not need to use them..). I hydrated as best as I could and was consistant with gu. But still-I really started to struggle at about the 36k mark. I kept running..I never walked which I am very happy about. I kept my head mostly ‘where it should be’. The people along the way were very encouraging, clapping, urging us forward. I thought I was running fast enough, but every so often my gps told me I was running at 8.6k…so I would speed up, try and lift my feet higher, hold my core, shoulders up…It worked but I did not run at a consistant speed. I think this is why I am rather sssllllooooowwwwww.
At about 38k, I got nearly uncontrollably emotional..I couldn’t take in enough air..I was gulping back waves of emotion…tears. The realisation I was nearly finished my first marathon, that I was going to make my time, I had done it! Luckily, I had glasses on, a cap so all anyone could see was a trembling chin…
However, 38k is a long way from 42.2, which I also realised. So before patting myself emotionally on the back too much, I had a hell of a lot of work to do. The k’s from 38 to the end are a big journey…I was in pain, I was so close but..ya know..so far away. So-I just kept running. I choked back tears on and off, the best comment from a bystander woman was…keep going…you only have to find 400meters! (Thankyou lady!).
I ran into the finish shute, I saw the clock tick over..4:29:20, 4:29:21 etc..so I gave it my all and hit the finishing mat at 4:29:30. (My goal was 4:30).
Then Deane jumped the fence, and helped me walk. He took off my timing chip, handed me pretzels and more powerade. Medal in hand, I limped back to the hotel.
I spent the rest of the day limping around…
Today I am still limping..my legs are very sore…but I am thinking about my next race.

I entered the Auckland marathon…(gulp)…oh and did a few runs in Nelson..

17 Apr

Deciding to go to Nelson on Wednesday morning, weI packed the kids and the car up on Thursday, picked Deane up from work that eve, and waited in a queue while sailing was delayed as per the norm. An uneventful sailing followed by a slow drive had us arriving at Justine’s by about two in the wee hours. I felt like a run…but not really. Slept for a full five hours…and woke to a flippin’ cold day. The sun shone consistently for the entire time we were there. I love Nelson for that…I also love it for its peanut butter…I knowpeanut butter…and this Nelson peanut butter beats all of them including kia-ora peanut butter, (which was my fav till I met this Nelson one).

Anyhoo, J and I went for a  wee thirty minute run around the Nelson bays. She lives on a hill, so we ran down and around the sea front and up the hill again. It is similar to my short Welly run around the bays except…the lack of wind. It was nice to run upright. The day following that she took me for a very lovely (apart from the vicious cows) off road run. It began with a three k …up and up and up. It was achievable, not too taxing and we ran for 80minutes. She is still struggling with knee bollocks so we had to take it easy. ..

I have entered the Auckland Marathon. It will be my first marathon. I have ample time to train under the guidance of Dave, the personal trainer. He is doing Auckland as well so I will try and beat him…here I go with my bollocky bravado…yappy dog. Bring it on…


Justine and me after our 80minite run...

Justine and me after our 80minite run...

The best peanut butter in my world!

The best peanut butter in my world!

turn up the cranky…

29 Mar


That’s me.  This week past has been okay. I have one more run today. I missed three days of the week, reason excuse: One glum night followed by two nights of (unexpected) back to back school discos, where I had to pick up kids and Deane was not home in time for me to run before hand. Yes. I should have run in the mornings…it is hard to plan the night time runs as a sure bet when the kids say,(as they are leaving for school),”oh by the way, I have my disco tonight, will you pick me up at 10.30?” etc. And then hard working man does not arrive home till 9.30 at night which does not leave enough time for a run. I take full responsibility. I am not whinging.

Monday night at 9.30 I ran a decent 40 minute run with a steepish longish hill, (Rata rd) at the end. For the first time, I ran the entire hill, no stopping. I had done a good weights session in the morning so am surprised my legs felt okay. Must be all that stretching! Tuesday was my ‘sad ass-sorry for myself ‘ day. Wednesday I did a beautiful ‘balance’ class with ‘V’. (Lurrrve Balance…), did not run because of aforementioned disco. Thursday I did a great weights workout. Friday, (Deane’s day off) we did a road run for 80 minutes. We mostly ran the road but did about 3k through Mount Victoria. I want to run mostly road while training for the marathon. It’s way harder. On Saturday I ran 30 minutes hard out. Today is Sunday and I have a 23k run planned.

I have finally emailed Dave, the trainer who helped me through the coast 2 coast training. I have been hesitant emailing him because I know it means damn hard work. I must be lazy at heart…but not soul. huh?

Once again I have been increasing my raw versus cooked food and as a result I am feeling physically ‘better’. My oscar has been working every day supplying me with organic carrot beet juice. My sister (Love ya), after reading my blog, told me I was sounding a bit ‘obsessive’ or some other word that means the same. Am I?

I mean, it is all about me…isnt it?

Decisions, moods, blog envy…

23 Mar

It is 28 weeks till the Auckland marathon. I have decided to do it. It will be my first marathon, so I have a lot of training to do. I’m chewing on the idea of either, employing a personal trainer, or, working it out myself with a Lydiard programme. God knows, I have enough books about the subject!. One week after the marathon is the Taupo cycle challenge, which I plan to do also. Biking is good cross training for running with the right balance.

I read a training blog by a woman in Wellington who was out doing some sort of training – big stuff, ya know, BIG runs, BIG bikes etc, it nearly made me weep. Every day she is doing something.Reading it made me feel like I was in training playtime. I started making excuse’s for myself, like, ‘I’ve got kids’, ‘Deane’s not home a lot’, ‘I’m older’. Of course my reason’s for being in ‘training playtime’ meandered on in a sad-ass soliloquy. After a hand-wringing, teeth-gnashing while, I concluded that I have been using my family situation as an excuse for my half arsed training. It’ s easy to use them, because, a lot more of my time is delegated to them, and my darling friends are always telling me how amazing I must be…to go out for a run…I mean! I am labelled superwoman because I go out for a run and have a few kids. Do you get what I’m saying? If a person happens to be a mother – is it simply amazingif she goes for a run, bike or whatever? Anyhoo..I have realised that I have allowed the praise of other people affect me, that is, I let myself think its okay if I don’t go as hard as I should or put in as many hours as I should (to reach my goals) because, hey! I’m pretty good anyway. Superwoman. It is an easy out, si?!

Therefore,I have decided to push myself more, thus the Auckland marathon training, the Taupo cycle challenge. So, thankyou http://pipsqueaks.blogspot.com .

This is what I have been doing, training wise, while I was mulling over the above: Monday morning, after dropping the wee girls at kindergarten, I mulled my way through  a good weights/strength session at the gym. I did a small 35 minute run at about 9.30 that night. Tuesday evening I did a 45 minute road run. Wednesday morning I ‘flowed’ through a balance class, and chased it down with a 30 minute run. Thursday I did not even go to the gym for my weights session…excuse: after I had dropped the morsels at kindergarten, I sat in the car feeling so glum, indecisive and oh!, lets not forget pathetic,I drove directly home. I  ignored the dishes and the piles of washing on the couch, and did a chakra healing meditation. (I have the chakra healing soundtrack on my ipod). Once my chakra’s were ‘healed’, I did some drawings on a canvas in preparation for a painting. That was how I used my free time that day. hmmm…

On friday I was much the same, so no training was even half arsed done….although my chakra’s felt more in tune. On Saturday, I went for a 6am 10k run. I felt fabulous. That’s my week dear readers. I am not superwoman. I am below par..but this is going to change.