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Champagne training…will it work?

12 Jan

Okay people!(say ‘People’ in an American drawl, it sets the tone..). I have had a wonderful weekend, where my training basically consisted of champagne drinking..(raw food?) and dancing madly for five hours. (It is good to be honest.)  But; the week or so beforehand I had worked hard and enjoyed my runs.  The previous Tuesday saw me running over Mt Victoria, where I ummm..got lost. I actually wanted to run the Southern walkway, but around the kilbirnie point, the track just..runs out. Bam! and it is gone. The small arrow point over the road to nowhere. I found out later, where I should have gone and yes! It is very badly, uselessy, pathetically signposted. Get it together Wellington City bloody-council. (Whats a poor tourist meant to do…I have only been living at the foot of Mt Vic for 17 years for gods sake.) Anyhoo, I ended up running through Kilbirnie shops, and to Cobham drive round-a-bout, around evans bay, up through Mt Vic to Palliser road and home. It took me 80 minutes. 

On Thursday I ran another 80 minutes around the mountain tracks. Then of  course, I partied for two or three days…but a girl has just got to occasionally!

I am thinking about nutrition for the traverse. I am attempting to not rely on gu or the like. I want real food. Bananas are good but tricky to carry. Muslie bars are good but ditto. Gu is just so damn handy. This week is my week for experimenting with food on the run. I am expecting to be out on the mountain for possibly four hours, so will need it. You know that feeling, during a really long session, when your mind starts to think about walking, or it leaps into pools of negativity forcing your body to follow…before you get to that point – you need the food. Gu works really well, as does a banana or two. A heavy banana, that gets squishy and black..or a tidy sachet of gu? What should I do?

This morning, I ran a very small 30 minute circut. My body is aching a sore from the weekend. My neck and shoulders are so painful and stiff I am thinking I may have to visit the oesteopath! (It is the way I dance…umm..with my head..think 1960’s hair swishing stuff…’clears throat sheepishly’.) http://cenglish-memento.blogspot.com

I have warned Deane that this week, probably Friday, we are going for a long run. I want to go out for two and a half hours in preparation for the 24th January. I am actually looking forward to it. Deane and I are laughing about it actually, how we, (okay..especially he..) are doing our long training run, then we have to taper!.. I dont feel too unprepared, but I know I could have done much more.


the wedding of the century and pre-amble…

20 Oct
the happenings in harrys bedroom....

the happenings in harrys bedroom....

elaine and her daughters
elaine and her daughters

Well! It all began wonderfully, the wedding pre-amble. Saturday saw our house full, for the first time, with my family of origin. My brothers unfortunately could not be here but Russell, Elaine and my two sisters were happily ensconced within our home. Deb (fantastic cook) and I prepared a superb feast for all. We fed (in no particular order) Deane, Don, Elaine, Russell, Justine, Reuben, Julia, Lou, Drew, Matisse, Rose, Juliette, Paloma, Izzie, Harry and of course Deb and I ate rather well. It was a feast of mostly vegan food, most dishes were cooked, but two were raw. We also sent the two oldest girls to get hot chips for the ‘fussys’ we have. However, Drew and Matisse were away for nearly an hour,’playing’ in the school playgrounds so they arrived home with sweaty lukewarm chips,  a large proportion were ‘gone’. They denied eating them. The kids and Trudy the dog ate the left overs anyway.

We ate and toasted to…well…marriage and everything else.

deb and don
deb and don

Russell had bought a plastic bag full of old family photos which we devoured after dinner with much delight, memories bought to the fore and laughed about. (I came to the realization that I had looked disgusting from about the age of 16 till 23). I haven’t seen old photos of me or the family since living in Melbourne. It was a blast.

The house was quiet by about eleven thirty, Russell back to his hotel, Deb and Don to theirs and Julia stumbled home somehow. Lou and Justine slept on the sofa bed in front of the hated treadmill in the kitchen area. Matisse slept downstairs with Drew and Rosie. Elaine slept on the couch in the living area and Juliette on the floor beside her.
The Wedding Day!
I woke from a unsettled sort of 5 hour sleep feeling better than I had thought I would (having inhaled champagne and wine the evening previously). I, dressed in my running gear  wove  my way through copious bodies out into the glorious dawn. The morning was silent, the dawning pink of the sky reflected off the still sea. The air was fresh, all in all, it was the most perfect of perfect days. And it was my wedding day! I ran happily, contemplating marriage, and the stuff of life. I wanted Deane to be there to share in it, I felt a tad greedy, feeling sorry for the poor man/groom lying quietly in a warm bed.
Once home to a still silent house, I turned on the not so quiet coffee machine. Lou and Justine stirred and I offered to make them coffee. As the machine spat out the bitter brown, bodies seemed to appear and ask for more. I made five before I got mine. I then made them  organic carrot/beet, spinach and apple juice. I eagle eyed them till every drop was gone.
Deane mowed the lawn and basically ‘man-jobbed’ around the house getting grubbier and grubbier while the seven girls and Justine and I transformed slowly into butterflies, (with the help of Tracy-make up artist extraordinaire!). Harry was steadfast on his computer playing war games. Too many girl/women for him.
Eventually, Deane and Harry were also dressed in their black watch kilts. My heart skipped a beat when I spied Harry looking shy and gorgeous in his kilt, crisp white shirt, long socks. Deane and Lou were with him shoring him for the moments,( made up of wonderful moments) ahead.
A sparkling Justine and Lou  ushered seven polished children out of the door into the windless, blue skied day leaving me, the bride and Deane, the groom with Deb and Don. Deb was emotional in a rather nice way, Don his staunch self. The D’s left and there we were, dry mouthed but beautiful. We took our moments, soft worded it out of our door, knowing we would return the same;but different. On our stomach fluttery flight down our stairs, the neighbours parents, (they were babysitting the babies) called out to us and loudly sang, ‘here comes the bride..’.
We jumped glamorously into our beaten Toyota hi-ace, and made our way slowly slowly to ‘the pines’. I realised this was a ‘big thing’. I felt tearful. We arrived, I heard kids yell, ‘they’re here..!’. We couldn’t find a park. We drove right to the back and parked, and walked slowly down. Jennie, our celebrant met us smiling. We had (another) moment, another champagne, before beginning our walk up the stairs, to our family and friends.
Kerry and her trio played ‘air on a g-string’, which sounds rude but its not. I couldnt hear the melody. I was too nervous. The kids followed behind as we diverted the wrong way and the crowd had to laughingly tell us where to go. At the front, our guests seated, I threw my bag to Lou, my stole to Justine and relaxed a bit to notice individuals there. I kept yelling out ‘hi!’ to different friends-I was very happy to see everyone. We were all laughing and soon, with tears and laughter, we were wedded. Paloma joined our hands and peeked out between my skirts then began asking for a swing from us. We exchanged our rings and washers.
I am now a married woman. I havnt decided on my name yet.