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anger, sadness, mind junk.

10 Aug

The other day a friend told me how great my skin was looking! Even I can see the subtle change in it; all because of the raw fooddiet. I am mostly going quite well. Last night for tea I made the family roast duck (my friend Nigella’s method) and potatoes roasted in duck fat and two huge salads. One salad was  grated carrot, beet, apple, zucchini with raisins and a scrummy dressing. The other was diced avocado with diced tomato, sprinkled with smoked maldon sea salt and beautiful olive oil. We all devoured the salad, except of course the self proclaimed carnivore, Rosie. She stuck to duck. I of course quite happily ate just salad. I felt satisfied and clean. Raw food is such a clean way to eat.

Of course I am still drinking coffee, but I only had two each day of the weekend.

I meditated this morning for about 20 minutes. My mind is still full of mind-junk. It revolves around personal power issues I have; i.e I don’t feel I have it. Power. I get angry, then sad and those two feelings tumble around in my mind and body. I know anger and sadness are basically fear.  I’m not exactly sure what the fear is, maybe power? 

I think life is in constant revision and in need of tweaking. Life  is a challenge and we are not meant to stay still. Have you heard the question (usually put to you in motivational articles) “If you could do anything and know you could not fail, what would you do?”,?.

 Well, I hear that and I think, I wouldn’t want to do anything because where is the challenge of that? If I couldn’t fail, what is the point?


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7 Aug

YOu remember the salad I made yesterday? Grated carrot, beet, ripped spinach, raisins, dressed with a yummy dressing? Of course you do!  Well, today I repeated the experience but added freshly sprouted alfalfa and dried cashews!! I understand the cashews are not roasted or in anyway baked, they are dried. I imagine, in my hopeful yet ignorant mind, that they are hand picked (lovingly), then layed out in the gentle sun… Yes. Well. Onwards.  The salad,  is fantastic.  I had a ‘slice’ of essne unbaked bread, I hesitate to call it a slice however. It is more like a ‘mush’. Or a ‘dollop’ or maybe a ‘crumble’ of bread. It was very fresh and very sweet. Maybe a tad too sweet but Im not complaining.

Backing up a bit to this morning-I am proud to say that I was up at 5a.m again and meditated for 20 minutes. I succumbed to two very good coffees. Coffee is just my vice and we have a good coffee machine at home. I wont say ‘no’ yet. I breakfasted on a fruit salad of fresh pineapple, banana and sliced pear.

I am still emotionally flat but I think my physical energy levels are increasing. It is early days yet on my raw food diet however I am definately feeling a tad lighter in spirit and mind.