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Food as a love note from God…

18 Jan

No..I am  not into organised religion, but according to a book I am reading at the moment, ‘Conscious Eating’(Gabriel Cousens,M.D.), I have to begin looking at my food as a ‘love note from God’. It’s quite a nice idea actually. I drank my carrot,beet, spinach juice this morning with a grateful, thankful heart. It must be doing me extra good. I mean, every extra bit of good, helps does it not? Unfortunately,I had forgotten the ‘love note from God’ thing while I was eating my raw oats with soy milk, almonds and a scattering of raisins. I therefore ate them a bit too fast and ungratefully so did not squeeze all potential goodness from them. I have not finished reading this rather huge book, yet it resonates with me. With regards to conscious eating, the three essential questions to remember are;  Am I emotionally stable after eating?  Do I have increased physical energy after eating? and, am I craving any food?

It is a matter of being your own scientist, experimenting and becoming aware of why you eat, what you eat,and how it makes you feel.

Coffee still makes me feel good, yet it apparently is not a good thing. I wont even try to curb my coffee habit-I max out at only two a day. That is nothing to fret about in my book. So my food thing for the week has been okay, far too much cooked food, but okay. Being vegan suits my body, I feel more ‘head clear’ for being so. I do have honey and bee pollen, so, gosh…I am a naughty vegan..a vegan on the line!! I believe I  must eat to feel good, not to somebody elses prescribed idea of ‘shoulds’. I also know that when I am next offered a fresh paua, on the beach, cooked as is..I wont say no. Paua makes me feel goood. (Thanks….God.)

I have done my long run around the hills of Mt Victoria. We ran for 2hours, 20 minutes. I could have done more. There were plenty of mountain bikers out practicing for the championships which are on today.  I will do a few smaller runs, but really want fresh legs for the traverse on Saturday.


Cabbage is the New Black!

3 Nov

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”
–    Frank Outlaw

What a great quote! Mind/soul food! Now-to the cabbage! I have been offering friends cabbage juice with evangelical pronouncements as to its benefits.  Deane is my favourite case study-the true sceptic! However; the worm is turning. He has noticed a definate  improvement with his physical health since beginning his juices. His heart burn has gone. (He has suffered with heartburn for a long while, taking medication for it..). The disappearance of the heartburn, we put down to;

  • anti-inflammatory qualities of the cabbage
  • eating less because he is getting enough nutrients, doesn’t feel the need to overeat.
  • loss of weight

What ever the reason is, the outcome is great!. Another of my ‘subjects’, we will…ahem..henceforth call ‘subject A’, reported to me via email, that she felt like ‘crap’ the morning after her cabbaging, but she put this down to the three glasses of wine she consumed after the juice, and some sort of junk food she also had. However, she wants to buy an Oscar juicer, believing in the power of the juice anyhow, er..and noticing how easy it was to clean.   My Sister subject has not been over for about one week, so will need to be cabbaged accordingly when she eventually appears. As for me, I am feeling a bit tired! I also am disappointed that I have picked up a slight cold, its not much of a cold, running nose, sneezing, headache. I still managed a 25 minute run last night. Maybe I am detoxing a bit? Yesterday, I drank a green juice in the morning, snacked on avocado mixed with sprouted alfalfa, sesame oil, raw cider vinegar and salt. Dinner for me was about 2 Tablespoons of vegan bolognaise sauce, with a huge plate of slaw. Very yummy. Returning from my run, I made a cabbage, apple and ginger juice for Deane and I.  I have found this great site http://www.giveittomeraw.com  Have a look at it for advice re raw food, and juices etc. Raw food, and the juicing I am doing is feeling good for me!, and this is what the raw food ‘movement’ is about really. Eat what ever you want but be concious as to why you are eating what ever it is, also-be aware of how a certain food makes you feel. I guess raw fooding is about conscious eating.