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working out with weights, running with sore hammys and quads…

12 Dec
Image by sarahkim via Flickr

I drove myself hard during the weights workout on Monday. I single leg pressed 80kg, giving each leg the gift of two sets of 20. After a sip of water, I lunged myself around the entire gym floor carrying 8kg dumbbells, then I repeated the whole leg press, lunge experience. I followed this with three sets of 20 dead lifts holding a 17.5 kg barbell. I think this is what did it actually. Did what? you ask. Well, on Tuesday, my legs were feeling sore but not too bad, but I didn’t run anyway…I’m still going through the ‘sleepless in Hataitai’ thing, I was way too shattered after being up since 1 in the morning. Wednesday found my legs, precisely my quadriceps and hamstrings, screaming at me. Never the less, I hauled myself (and Paloma) to the gym, all though I didn’t manage to walk the entire way in, I parked up on Mt. Victoria and pushed Paloma in the pushchair 25 minutes down hill to the gym, (and yes 35 minutes up unforgiving hill on the return.)  I participated in the balance class, ( a mixture of tai-chi, Pilate’s and yoga) and I put up with the pain. Downward facing dogs are wonderful!

Thursday I drove to the gym, the leg pain was ten percent less than at its peak, but I only did my upper body weights work out. I wanted to give my leg fibres a complete recovery time. After the weights, I got my ipod and went for a run. I listened to meditation music and all though my legs and my head were involved in interesting dialogue, I continued running the entire 45 minutes, at times carried with the meditation music, losing track of time…lovely.

The upshot is that thus far, I have only been running twice this week. I have plans of running today, and the weekend. As for food, I have been eating a ramekin of raw oats, soaked in water with honey, bee pollen and calcium powder every morning. This is keeping my energy constant till about 1pm. I have not been snacking on nuts every two hours as I should, I am making this a goal. I drink at least two vegetable juices per day. It is an ongoing mission to find my optimum diet that is competent with my lifestyle. I also have been thinking of what to have instead of ‘gu’ on the long endurance runs and races. I am sure ‘gu’, or ‘hammer gel’ or any of those energy supplements are not good for me. Honey is one thought, but would that replace the mineral salts, and how would I package it, for optimal convenience?

It is the last week or so of school, so it has been pretty umm…all though I never like to say ” I am busy”, …it has been. Busy. here’s how:  http://cenglish-memento@blogspot.com


food food food, more on raw…

7 Aug

YOu remember the salad I made yesterday? Grated carrot, beet, ripped spinach, raisins, dressed with a yummy dressing? Of course you do!  Well, today I repeated the experience but added freshly sprouted alfalfa and dried cashews!! I understand the cashews are not roasted or in anyway baked, they are dried. I imagine, in my hopeful yet ignorant mind, that they are hand picked (lovingly), then layed out in the gentle sun… Yes. Well. Onwards.  The salad,  is fantastic.  I had a ‘slice’ of essne unbaked bread, I hesitate to call it a slice however. It is more like a ‘mush’. Or a ‘dollop’ or maybe a ‘crumble’ of bread. It was very fresh and very sweet. Maybe a tad too sweet but Im not complaining.

Backing up a bit to this morning-I am proud to say that I was up at 5a.m again and meditated for 20 minutes. I succumbed to two very good coffees. Coffee is just my vice and we have a good coffee machine at home. I wont say ‘no’ yet. I breakfasted on a fruit salad of fresh pineapple, banana and sliced pear.

I am still emotionally flat but I think my physical energy levels are increasing. It is early days yet on my raw food diet however I am definately feeling a tad lighter in spirit and mind.