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cooked food for a raw foodiewannabe-gonnabe

17 Aug

We decided to have a few friends over for a potluck dinner on Friday evening. As is my habit, I cant just happily invite one or two families-nearly everybody I come into contact with the days previous to the ‘quiet’ dinner, I say nonchalantly, ” oh! We are having people over for dinner! you must come!… No! you WILL come!!”. Anyhow, into our humble abode arrived about forty bodies, nearly half being of the young child sort – the two oldest were 13 and 12, then a scattering of 10 year olds, a few nine year olds, a couple of six and sevens and the rest were four years old and under.

Our friends bought over pots of wonderful food, lasagna, baby salmon quiche, a pot of cauliflower curryish stuff, (I’m not sure of its ‘name’-tasted yum!),  a lovely pear and soft cheese- green salad and a table full of so much more that I cannot remember! My sister who cooks for an organic grocer shop created a sensuous bean soup. Yes! sensuous beans. (You would have to see and taste it to become a believer.) Deane and I were joking that in the future, we should organise our potlucks, to be held on a Sunday evening. It would set us up for the following week!

I baked a beautiful foccacia bread, two trays full, that I pulled out of the oven as everyone was piling their plates up. (It was a recipe from my ‘Dough’ book- Richard Bertinet). I also served a slow-cooked lentil stew and of course a huge salad of grated carrot, beet, zuccini etc.

I ate the divine soup (thanks Deb) and lots of salad- however, when a friend pulled out a poppy seed cake decorated in small daisys from her garden, I just had to have some. The cake was perfect and worth the tiny piece of guilt I felt at eating  a cooked flour product. (The following day, I was unacountably tired and I put it down to the flour…)

It was a fun evening. I love having (seemingly) too many people in a small space, an abundance of food, good music, lots of talking and laughing, and noisy children. Even the fact of it being a cold wet winter night (thus we all stayed inside), does not deter me from repeating the experience. Maybe on a Sunday. haha.


meditation, sleep & nuts

11 Aug

This morning, after waking to my alarm at 5, I rolled out of toasty bed, stumbled into the cruel morning of a winter kitchen. I flicked the coffee machine on as I walked to my meditation chair. Wrapped in dressing gown, and blanket, feet cosied in fluffy socks, I crossed my legs and assumed the postion. My spine straight (but relaxed..) I began my meditation. Not long after beginning I realised an hour had passed and I had been slumped in the chair asleep!.

O well. I must have needed it. zzzzzz

I made my first coffee and attempted my ‘home admin’. Then it was 7 and the house was awake and I was twirling around (it seems like i spin…) fullfilling breakfast requests, answering questions, i.e “where did I put my schoolbag?” (left it outside in the rain), “can we get a dog” (will think on it), “what about a cat”(ditto), “can I have a hug-up”(sure can)”where are my shoes?” (i didn’t wear them last-don’t know).  I’ve gotta love it. I just have to.

I made myself a large fruit salad and sprinkled it with raw cashews and a few sultanas. Yes it was delicious and satisfying. I’m not sure about eating cashews however, my stomach is now sore. It will be a case for experimenting.

Last night I made the kids and Deane organic chicken and corn soup with fougasse. They loved it as the weather is very cold, wet. It is basically very good ‘chicken soup weather”.  Paloma has a strep throat so she didn’t eat much. She was sipping coke (blergh!!) because that is the only way she will take her penicillin. The older kids were jealous. Coke is banned in our house. I think it is evil. Yet here was my wee three year old sipping from the cup.

I went to singing and was home by 7. 30. I made my self a huge salad of grated carrot, apple, ripped baby spinach, sprouted sunflower seeds and a lovely dressing.